At long last, the snapshots for the Minecraft 1.21 update have concluded, and the pre-releases are now emerging. Leading the pack is the Minecraft 1.21 Pre-Release 1 update, introducing a range of useful alterations. Without delay, let's delve into the details of the 1.21 pre-release 1, which predominantly features changes and bug fixes poised to reshape your Minecraft experience.

1. Player Riding Entities Can Go Through Portals

Before this modification, players riding entities such as horses or minecarts were unable to pass through Nether portals or End portals in Minecraft. This alteration marks a substantial advancement, enabling the creation of elaborate roller coasters and even horse race tracks spanning different dimensions. Creative community builders are bound to revel in the opportunity to design these thrilling games.

2. Ender Pearls Enable Portal Teleportation for Players

Another substantial alteration concerning portals is the capability for Ender Pearls to teleport players to different dimensions. Players will materialize at suitable locations within the alternate dimension by tossing the ender pearl into the portal. This issue had been raised by Minecraft players previously and has now been solved.

Minecraft 1 21 Pre Release 1 Update
Ender Pearls Enable Portal Teleportation for Players.

3. Dual Doors Can Be Formed from Different Materials

Doors crafted from various materials can now be combined to form double doors. Simply place two doors side by side to experience this enchanting feature.

4. Players Can Leash A Boat And Drag Two Mobs Simultaneously

Now, moving on to the last significant update introduced in this Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1, we'll be addressing a feature that had long been available in the Bedrock edition but was previously inaccessible to Java players. Yes, you can currently utilize a Minecraft lead on a boat. This adjustment holds considerable significance, driven by multiple compelling reasons.

Minecraft 1 21 Pre Release 1 Update 2
You can currently utilize a Minecraft lead on a boat.

Imagine that you have two villagers occupying a single boat, and you need to relocate them to another destination. Previously, you'd have to separate the villagers into different boats or minecarts, consuming valuable time. Nevertheless, with the new update, you no longer need to go through that hassle. Simply leash the boat and effortlessly transport both villagers simultaneously. This parity feature streamlines the process of moving villagers, alleviating a common struggle for many players.

Furthermore, alongside these alterations, there have been adjustments to the mace, with its attack speed on the Java edition now set at 0.6. Additionally, the official patch notes for Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1 detail numerous other bug fixes.

What do you think about these changes to Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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