Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update has brought in numerous new biomes for players’ new experiences. One of these special biomes is the lush cave which includes rare florae you cannot see anywhere.

Spore blossom is among these plants. The pink flowers grow upside down and are a pretty block you can use to level up your decorating sense.

With this guide, Gurugamer will help you know everything about Minecraft spore blossom.

How to find a Lush Cave

In order to get spore blossoms in Minecraft, you first need to look for a lush cave where this flower grows. Lush caves are an exotic biome that can be found at any level underground.

Therefore, you just need to mine a bit to find a lush cave. You will know you have arrived at the right place when there are glow berries and vines in the cave you come across.

Lush Cave Minecraft
You have to find a lush cave before getting to farm Spore Blossoms.

On another hand, those who are in Creative mode can insert the following text to be informed of the nearest lush cave biome:

  • /locatebiome minecraft:lush_caves

You can choose to fly, walk, or even teleport to this biome. Apart from Minecraft spore blossoms, other plants like moss, dripleaves, and azaleas can also be discovered here.

How to get Minecraft Spore Blossom

Spore Blossoms in Minecraft naturally spawn from the ceiling of lush caves.

In order to collect this flower, players can use any tool or even their bare hands. No matter what they use, the spore blossoms can break instantly and drop so you can pick them up.

As there are no other methods to get spore blossoms, what you need to do is to venture into a lush cave.

Spore Blossom
You can get Spore Blossoms with your hands or any tool.

How to place Spore Blossoms

You can only place spore blossoms on the blocks’ underside. If you have an attempt to place it upwards, it won’t attach to the block.

Moreover, it is lucky that except for leaves, spore blossoms can be attached to any type of block.

Minecraft Spore Blossom
They only hang upside down and won't attach to leaves.

Uses of Spore Blossoms in Minecraft

All in all, the spore blossoms in the game are decorative blocks. It cannot be crafted or used in any recipe.

You may use spore blossoms to decorate your house, your Minecraft castle, or even treehouses. This flower oozes particles that fall straight to the ground and particles that go afloat in the air.

With a lot of spore blossoms in your house, you can come up with a relaxing ambiance and mood.

On another hand, it is essential to remember that Minecraft spore blossoms do not renew. As there is no way to grow this plant, you should not destroy the blossoms which make them disappear.

Above is everything we have known about spore blossoms in the game. Make sure you will gather this beautiful flower the next time you enter a lush cave.

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