It is an undeniable fact that Minecraft is among the biggest titles in gaming. Since 2009, the game has had multiple crossovers with other famous franchises such as Final Fantasy, Halo, Star Wars.

The spectacles of their collaborations vary greatly, from only skins to the DLC which changes multiple factors like bosses, new levels, mobs, and even gameplay. You can take a look at the best Minecraft crossover skin list below.

1. Genshin Impact skin

This open-world game has been gaining attention in various game communities. The good news is there have been multiple Genshin Impact-inspired skin mods available in Minecraft.

Those who are fans of both these games will be excited to play in the skin of Genshin characters like Hu Tao, Jean, Diluc, Raiden Shogun…

You can either download these Genshin Impact skins or apply them directly by clicking the Apply option.

Genshin Impact Skin
The mix of Genshin Impact and Minecraft is giving fans life.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog DLC

In 2021, Minecraft collaborated with Sonic the Hedgehog in celebration of the latter’s 30th anniversary. The new Sonic DLC was announced via the official blog of Minecraft and the fan community found it a complete overhaul.

This Minecraft crossover skin still remains among the most favorite as of now.

Sonic Minecraft
The Sonic Minecraft DLC was released in 2021.

3. Minion DLC

Mojang also announced their partnership with the Despicable Me Franchise at Universal Games and Digital Platforms a while ago. They released a DLC pack for Minions in the Minecraft Market place.

With this pack, users can explore familiar locations and cause mischief with the grumpy Gru and the help of adorable banana-loving Minions.

Apart from the 29 franchise skins, you can live out your evil schemes on the Vicious 6 in Adventure Mode.

Minecraft Minion Skin
There are also Minion and villain skins for Disney lovers.

4. Marvel skin

Although not yet official, this includes the best Marvel skins that are tailor-made for Minecraft gameplay, either PvP or PvE.

You may choose themed skin packs that follow different Marvel properties: Avengers, Spider-Man, or Guardians of the Galaxy.

Although these may cost some money, it can be a great experience especially for fans with a great passion for MCU.

Marvel Skin
Marvel fans assemble!

5. Ben 10 skin

Last but not least, the Ben 10 DLC also has the best Minecraft crossover skin you can use.

Mojang Studio also collab-ed with Cartoon Network and released Ben 10 to Minecraft. It includes the addition of the Free Roam and Story modes based on the main character’s universe.

You can choose to switch the iconic Steve avatar for different skins including Heatblast, Rath, Humungousaur, and the hero Ben Tennyson himself. The Ben 10’s signature Omnitrix will be the tool you use to swap between the characters.

Moreover, each skin has its own movement animation. For instance, animalistic units like Rath can lumber through the map on all fours.

With Minecraft remaining fresh with its constant updates and DLCs, fans always look forward to their innovative offers.

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