Minecraft players will want to consume the most beneficial food when it comes to healing damage. These foods will fill the hunger bar and start healing players beyond the necessary threshold.

There is a list of food in Minecraft and some outperform others for their healing abilities. If you are searching for the best healing food in Minecraft, here’s a top 5 to take into consideration.

Minecraft Food
What is the best food in Minecraft for healing?

1. Cooked pork chops

You can get a pork chop after killing pigs and cooking raw chops. The second step can be skipped if you set the pig on fire.

In any case, cooked pork chops can restore 8 hunger and 12.8 saturation points. This means chomping on some chops will be great to keep your hunger at bay while the healing process is ongoing. Make sure you don’t drop it around any Minecraft piglin as they are oddly attached to this item.

Cooked Pork Chops
You can choose to cook raw chops or just burn the pig for cooked pork chops.

2. Golden apples

Golden apples only provide 9.6 saturation points but they are trusted for other advantages.

When eaten, golden apples will give Absorption I for 2 minutes which increases the maximum hearts for players, and activates Regeneration II which enhances the player’s health recovery over time.

They are even used to cure zombie villagers and convert them into normal states.

best healing food in Minecraft
You will find this food incredibly in demand if you want to heal fast.

3. Enchanted golden apples

Although enchanted golden apples are as well the best healing food in Minecraft, you cannot craft in the vanilla game version. They only grant 4 points of hunger and 9.6 points of saturation.

However, it bestows you Absorption IV for 2 mins as well as Regeneration II, Resistance, and Fire Resistance for 5 minutes. This will let you heal and strengthen your max health while protecting yourself from fire damage and all.

Enchanted Golden Apple
Seeking out enchanted golden apples from loot chests in generated structures is worth the wait.

4. Golden carrots

Golden foods are better than most other food in the game. Their gilded part may not stand out the most, they perform very well in satiating hunger and kickstart healing.

They only give you 6 hunger points, but the saturation points will have a 14.4 bonus. After eating one or two golden carrots, you should stop eating them more for a while.

You can even use them to brew potions of night vision.

5. Cooked mutton

Obtained from sheep, cooked mutton can get your hunger and saturation points escalating while being pretty accessible. As sheep are quite common in many Minecraft biomes, killing and breeding them is not a hard task.

If you have a sheep ablaze, you can skip cooking the mutton.

Cooked Mutton
Setting a sheep on fire may sound a bit unethical for some players.

Regardless, the 6 hunger and 9.6 saturation points stored give it a tie to cooked salmon. It is a bit more sought-after thanks to its prevalence in most worlds.

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