Minecraft players who want to maintain for long in the Overworld should be aware that zombies can find, attack, and turn the villagers into zombie villagers. However, instead of killing the entire village to protect yourself, you can choose to heal your village peers.

So here’s a detailed guide on how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft you will find useful.

Cure A Zomie Villager
How to turn a zombie villager back into a villager? Managing to do this will also earn you an achievement.

What is a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

Zombie villagers are a form of zombies. Although they can spawn naturally in your world, normal villagers converting into zombies after being attacked are more common.

Meanwhile, a zombie villager’s movement, strength, and behavior are similar to a common zombie’s. They can pick up the likes of swords and bows to attack players, so you should keep a distance from them unless you have set up for zombie villager cure.

How to cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

How to turn a zombie villager back into a villager? There are three main steps you may follow. Firstly, trap the zombie villager. Then, weaken it with a potion. And thirdly, feed it with a golden apple and wait until the curing process ends.

1. Trap a zombie villager

The first step in how to cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft is trapping it, which comes in different means.

It is quite easy to trap one if you come across a village with houses. Otherwise, making a basic home-like structure is also a good way to lock a zombie villager in.

Trap Zombie Villager
Trap the villager to make sure it won't kill you.

Make sure that the setup looks the same as igloo basements which are practically the most ideal spot to cure an infected villager.

2. Give Weakness Potion to Zombie Villager

Weakness is a Minecraft effect that decreases any mob’s power and the Potion of Weakness is used in the zombie villager cure to diminish their zombie characteristics, making it easier to convert it to normal.

Once the zombie villager is trapped, players only have to open a single block in their trapping structure and throw the splash potion onto the zombie villager.

How do you make a Splash Potion of Weakness? Players will need Fermented Spider Eye, Blaze Powder, Brewing Stand, Water Bottle, and Gun Powder.

Potion Of Weakness
Splash Potion of Weakness will help decrease hostile zombie characteristics of the villager.

On another hand, you can also create an arrow of weakness or a Lingering Potion of weakness. The weakness potion’s effect depends on which Minecraft edition you use:

  • 1 minute 30 seconds – Potion of Weakness I (Java Edition)
  • 4 minutes – Potion of Weakness II (Java Edition)
  • 1 minute 7 seconds – Potion of Weakness I (Bedrock Edition)
  • 3 minutes – Potion of Weakness II (Bedrock Edition)

3. Feed a golden apple to the zombie villager

The last step for how to cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft is feeding the golden apple to it. You can either use the secondary key or right-click.

A golden apple can be crafted using 8 gold ingots and 1 regular apple. On another hand, you can find it in village chests. After giving the apple to the zombie villager, you will hear a sizzling sound. The eyes of the zombie villager will turn red and it released red particles around itself.

After a while, players shall find a cured regular villager in the house.

Feed The Golden Apple
The last step is feeding the zombie villager a golden apple and waiting for it to fully heal.

If it was holding any tool, armor, or weapon, they will disappear. If it was a baby villager before transforming into a zombie, the cure will convert it into its old form. And if it was a mature villager with a profession, it will get its job back and even get a new profession once cured.

Note: The zombie villager will gain extra strength during the curing. You should keep it trapped and wait for a few minutes.

How long to cure Zombie Villager?

Once the player has fed the zombie villager a golden apple, it will take the cure 1-2 minutes in Minecraft Bedrock and 3-5 minutes in the Java edition to fully work.

You may shorten this duration by putting iron bars or beds around the Minecraft zombie villager. In fact, it won’t speed things up too significantly.

For those who ask “do Zombie Villagers despawn,” they cannot once the curing process begins. You can keep on exploring and return to find the villager having been healed. Moreover, you can save and reload your world to skip the waiting time on Bedrock Edition.

Benefits of healing a Zombie Villager

There are some benefits when it comes to saving your villagers from savageness:

  • Once a villager with a job has been healed, it will offer massive permanent trading discounts.
  • If you cure the villager inside a village, it leaves an impact on other villagers which means trading discounts will be available on more villagers too.
  • Curing a villager also prevents other villagers from transforming into a zombie.

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