Minecraft Nether update gave players a load of new features, mobs, and blocks. And the Piglin Minecraft is one of them. Different than a hostile mob that acts as a hindrance to players all the time, a Piglin can be helpful to you in certain circumstances.

Piglin is akin to Villagers in the spirit of being the main sentient mob in the Nether. What is more to know about Piglin in Minecraft? See our guide below.

Piglin In Minecraft
Here's everything you want to know about piglins in Minecraft.

What is Piglin Minecraft?

Piglins are pig humanoids that locate in Minecraft’s Nether Dimension. They usually spawn in Crimson Forests and the Nether Wastelands. Besides, they will act neutrally as long as the player is wearing a Gold Armor piece at least.

Moreover, piglins have three types:

  • Adult Piglin
  • Baby Piglin
  • Piglin Brute

Among them, Piglin Brutes are the tough protectors of Bastion Remnants. As they will attack players no matter what, you should better keep a distance.

Do you know a regular piglin can turn into a zombie piglin? Zombified Piglins happen when you bring a Piglin to the Overworld. They are also neutral until you attack them.

Zombie Piglin
A regular piglin transforms into a zombie piglin when they are in the Overworld.

How do you tame a Piglin?

Even if you want a Piglin for yourself, Piglins in Minecraft cannot be tamed nor be bred. Same as the adults, baby piglins also spawn randomly in the Nether.

However, you can barter with them as a form of making peace. Just keep in mind that unless you provoke them, this mostly passive mob will just wander around doing their things.

How to make a Piglin Bartering Farm in Minecraft

One more mechanic that makes them look similar to Villagers in the Overworld is that Piglin does Bartering. Piglin Minecraft trades can give players a lot of valuable drops such as Arrows (BE only), Blackstone, Crying Obsidian, Fire Charge, Gravel, Soul Sand, Spectral Arrows (JE only)…

That’s why making a piglin trading farm will help you a lot in getting various items without having to roam around too much.

Piglin Bartering Farm
Here's how to build an efficient pigling bartering farm to get lots of loots.

The essential material you need to build a Pigling bartering farm are:

  • Soul sand
  • Glass blocks
  • Pressure plate
  • Button
  • Dispenser
  • Redstone torch
  • Carpet
  • Gold ingots
  • Chests

Wear some gold armor, go to the Nether, and find a spot where there is Piglin Minecraft nearby. Then, follow these steps:

1. Dig 3 blocks and put down two chests.

Dig Holes To Build Piglin Farm
Step 1: did three holes on the ground.

2. In the other hole, put a hopper connecting to the chest by grabbing a crouch aiming towards the chest, then putting a carpet on it.

Put a hopper beside the chest and place a carpet on top.

3. Place glass blocks around the carpet, except for one side.

Glass Block
Put one soul sand on the top of a glass block on the left side.

4. Put a glass block on top of the soul sand, and add two blocks on the glass side.

More Glass Blocks
Making a piglin farm needs a lot of glass blocks.

5. Break the middle block and add a piston that faces toward the glass block.

Add a piston.

6. Throw gold in front of the carpet.

The piglins will then rush to grab it and observe it for a while. During this time, you need to push the Piglin into the carpet.

Once the Piglin is inside, cover it with glass blocks.

7. Now, add a Redstone torch on the soul sand. The glass block will move over the piglin.

Redstone Torch
Add a Redstone torch

8. Put a pressure plate atop the soul sand.

Pressure Plate
Make sure to use the pressure plarte too.

9. Destroy the piston, then add a dispenser.

Place a dispenser.

10. Break the excessive blocks and put a button on the soul sand.

Button On Soul Sand
A simple piglin trading farm can help you big time.

11. Place some gold in the dispenser, and voila, your Piglin Bartering farm is ready to give you loots.

You’d better put the piglin bartering farm next to a Gold farm as the excess gold can be a good supply for the bartering farm.

Minecraft Piglin Dance command

For the unknown, a Piglin Minecraft can go hunting on a Hoglin. If their hunt is successful, there is a 10% chance that they will celebrate by doing a dance.

As this rarely occurs, it is definitely a fun thing to witness and you can use a command to make this happen more frequently.

Insert this command in a command block: /summon mnu:piglin ~~~minecraft:start_celebrating

After inserting in, it will spawn a Piglin doing the dance. However, this command is only available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Those who use Java edition may have to wait a bit more.

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