One of the most longlasting and accessible materials to create in Minecraft. Whatever form it’s in, it can provide a pleasing visual if used well.

As you can get wood quickly and easily in different biomes, making a wooden base can be efficient both in the early and late game. As it never hurts to make a cabin nestled away for yourself, take a look at the best wooden house Minecraft.

1. Plains Biome Starter House

Players can adorn it with lanterns or foliage nearby. The only disadvantage to this is its open structure that can make players the prey for skeleton projectiles.

However, the skeleton mob’s aim is not that good and they may hit this shelter’s side rather than the player.

Plains Biome Starter
This SquareMario design which requires stone and wood can be made quickly with minimal costs.

2. Mountain House

You can get creative with your design and no one stated that you have to build the whole shelter out of woods. In JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial, they made an epic Mountain house with this in mind.

After hollowing a nearby mountain’s side, you can set up frames from wooden blocks and put them inside the side of the mountain. Then, the player can decorate the interiors and expand this modular making for the home to have more sections.

Mountain House

3. Simple Starter Base by

Minecraft players who want to have a home in a minute will find this one of the best wooden houses in Minecraft. Besides, it can keep you safe from aggressive mobs. After the first night, you may expand the creations with more amenities. However, this base has more things to offer from the start.

In particular, new players can easily craft this design without too much knowledge in building.

Simple Starter Base @Cadio_Builds
This wooden house Minecraft is simple and efficient.

4. Animal Pen House

While Choopatsup can be more elaborate for Minecraft makers, it has everything you can ask for. A small crop farm can be complete in the underside along with an enclosure to keep livestock.

Adding planter boxes to flower pots and hedges cab also make your shelter appear more homely. You may choose to work more on placing survival aids to maximize your safety, such as an enchanting space or storage.

Starter House With Animal Pen
Another simple wooden house Minecraft even new players can build.

Upon completion, this design will meet most requirements you have for your Minecraft Survival mode game.

5. Swamp House

While the swamp biome may not be popular among many, it offers an ideal environment for creating a unique dwelling in Minecraft.

Gamers can choose to build their house entirely on water, resembling a boat house with a platform for water access. Moreover, this particular type of abode can also be constructed within the mangrove swamp biome.

Swamp House
This wooden swamp house is built by a Reddit user.

6. Hobbit Hole

Fans of the Lord of the Rings film series who play Minecraft will surely appreciate this distinct house design, reminiscent of a hobbit hole. In the movies, hobbits are one of several races, and their homes are commonly nestled beneath hills or next to mountains.

Likewise, Minecraft hobbit holes can be built with different underground chambers and pathways, replicating the authentic hobbit hole ambiance.

Hobbit Hole
The hobbit hole is perfect for a Minecraft player who loves Lord of the Rings.

7. Mangrove Starter House

This pretty wooden house in Minecraft is built by YouTuber Folli.

If you're considering settling down in the Mangrove Swamp biome in Minecraft, take a look at YouTuber Folli's creation: a charming starter house built entirely from materials found in the area.

This cozy little dwelling offers a rustic vibe, providing the perfect spot to establish a secondary base away from your main home. With its simple yet inviting design, it's a great place to retreat to and explore the unique surroundings of the swamp.

Mangrove Starter House
A pretty and simple house you can build on a mangrove swamp biome.

8. Small Wooden Starter Base

The last but not least pick in the list of best wooden homes in Minecraft is @hiimzmc's design. The Small Wooden Starter Base is quaint, condensed and needs little resources and time to finish. The only real challenge for the player will be the brick chimney.

Although its small interior may leave little room for decorations, this creation is special in terms of starter houses in Minecraft.

Small Wooden Starter Base
This house blows you away with its appearance and it can be constructed quickly.

While being built on a constrained time and limited materials, this base still shines brightly. It is cheap, safe, and does every essential thing without demanding extra frills.

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