Building is one of the aspects that make Minecraft popular. Those who love designing and setting up their structures will fall in love with the unlimited possibilities in the game.

A certain type of house design that players adore in both real life and game reel is treehouse. Over time, some enthusiasts have also come up with various design blueprints that you may take inspiration from.

Take a look at the best Minecraft treehouse to build in 2022.

Treehouse Miencratf
See if any of these treehouses suit your taste.

1. Modern Treehouse

If you love modern textures, the absolute suggestion is this treehouse designed by 6tenstudio.

Using classic wood and White Concrete, the treehouse brings about a contemporary and minimalistic feel. It has clever block placement and wide windows overseeing sceneries. The cherry on top is that it has a functional elevator which can transport players with the push of a single button.

Modern Treehouse
This looks like a modern mansion sitting on a tree instead of a mere treehouse.

2. Dual Treehouse

Typface provides a unique Minecraft treehouse whose main area is built with a harmonious mixture of Dark Wood, Oak, and Spruce. Moreover, the trick is to use Trap Doors, Slabs, and Stairs to add a more dynamic and natural look along with leaves and other minor details.

One more great thing about this is you have a lot of room to do any customizations as you please.

Dual Treehouse
What about having two treehouses instead of one?

3. Futuristic Treehouse

Youtuber TSMC’s tutorial guides other players to create a treehouse that looks like it comes out of a sci-fi movie. A treehouse built in the midst of nature still has all the rights to be high-tech.

This house has multiple levels with pod-looking buildings out-spaced throughout the entire tree. It has a considerable space and a stylish modern visual.

If you like being adventurous, this pick is absolutely great.

Futuristic Treehouse
Science fiction enthusiasts will love to have this design.

4. Epic spiraling Treehouse

Famous Minecraft creator DiddiHD shows how to create a treehouse with an epic spiraling look. It also permits you to make another building at the bottom of the tree. You can even put some more buildings at the top and they are very accessible.

Jungle trees are definitely a popular base to create tall buildings. Unlike most other treehouses in Minecraft, this lets you use the whole tree.

Treehouse With A Hanging Ball
Does anyone hear "Wrecking Ball" playing looking at this best Minecraft treehouse?

5. Treehouse with hanging ball

Last but not least, this unique design features a neat house that gives the vibe of a UFO. The building’s central part is made in the custom kind of tree that gamers will need to construct on their own.

However, the highlight of this is the hanging building, hanging from the main tree design’s branch. The extra space lets you have two designs for the cost of one. It can also be a perfect hideout room if you want some privacy.

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