Fishing is one of the easiest ways to acquire rare items in Minecraft. Besides common items like fish, players can also get Nautilus shells, saddles and sometimes even an enchanted book. To improve the fishing rod's performance, adding enchantments to it is a must. In this article, we are going to showcase how to make an enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft.

1. Best enchantments for Fishing rods


Lure increases the rate of something biting the player's hook while fishing. Specifically, it decreases the wait time for something to appear by 5 seconds per level.

Lure reduces the time wasted while fishing, which makes it the most valuable enchantment to have.

At maximum, players can reduce the wait time by 15 seconds, which allows them to fish at a much faster rate. Lure can only be obtained using an enchanting table.

Luck of the Sea

This enchantment increases the chance of "treasure" catches (by about 2% per level), while greatly lowering the chance of "junk" catches (by about 2% per level) and slightly lowering the chance of fish catches (by about 0.15% per level). While the boost is fairly small, it is still better than nothing.

Treasure items include bow, enchanted book, nautilus shell, name tag, fishing rod and saddle.

Nautilus Shell
Nautilus Shell can be acquired much easier using the Luck of the Sea enchantment.


Unbreaking is an enchantment that gives a chance for the fishing rod to avoid durability reduction when used, effectively increasing its durability. Unbreaking III can nearly guarantee that the rod does not break unless it's already at low durability.


Mending is an enchantment that restores the durability of an item using experience.

A fishing rod with the Mending enchantment has infinite durability if used for fishing only. The rod incrementally repairs itself using the experience gained each time a player reels in a fish, even if starting from nearly 0% durability.

2. How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft?

The fishing rod has been in Minecraft since day 1. It's a basic tool that players can craft pretty much from the start of the game. In order to make one fishing rod in Minecraft, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 sticks
  • 2 strings
Fishing Rod Minecraft Recipe
Fishing Rod recipe

Sticks can be crafted from wood planks, a readily available resource everywhere in Minecraft. Strings are also very common. You can kill spiders or break cobwebs for some.

To craft the rod, just place the 3 sticks diagonally, starting from the upper top right corner down to the lower bottom left corner. Then place 2 strings in the left column.

Players can also acquire fishing rods as a drop or chest loot.

3. How to enchant a fishing rod in Minecraft

Overall, acquiring the first three enchantments (lure/luck of the sea/unbreaking) is fairly straightforward. You only need an enchanting table and the appropriate amount of Lapis Lazuli to pay the enchanting cost. The last one, mending, is a bit more complicated. Players need to find the enchanted books that contain this enchantment in chests.

An Enchanted fishing rod
An Enchanted fishing rod

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