Minecraft players need a brush to collect Armadillo scutes in the next update. This tool also helps uncover a valuable treasure introduced in the current patch. Learn how to make a brush in Minecraft 1.21 here.

Minecraft Brush Guide
Learn to make and use a brush in Minecraft.

#1. Materials for making a brush

The brush is a new tool added to Minecraft in Patch 1.20. The crafting table is the must-have tool for crafting a brush in this game. You can craft this gadget from normal materials that can be easily collected in this game, including:

  • Feather x1
  • Stick x1
  • Copper Ingot x1

You can loot chests in a Shipwreck or kill poultries or birds like chickens and parrots to collect feathers. The stick is even easier to collect. You can get it from bamboo and any wood planks.

Then, Minecraft players can collect many sticks from fishing and loot them in villages and different kinds of chests. Meanwhile, you can smelt raw copper ore farmed in the open world to get copper ingot.

Minecraft Brush Room
Minecraft Brush's materials are not rare.

#2. How to make a brush in Minecraft

Store materials in your inventory and bring them to the crafting table. Then, interact with this gadget to open the crafting center. Put these ingredients in a column in the following order to make a brush in Minecraft:

  • Feather in the top grid;
  • Copper ingot in the middle grid;
  • Stick in the bottom grid.

Then, drag the brush into your inventory to use. A new unenchanted brush with full durability will break after four times of use in the Java Edition and five times in the Bedrock Edition.

You can increase its durability by enchanting it with Unbreaking Enchantment. Besides, Curse of Vanishing and Mending can be applied to add special effects to your brush. Minecraft also allows you to combine two brushes with low durability scores to get a stronger brush with higher durability by using the crafting table.

How To Make Brush
Follow this Minecraft brush recipe to craft a brush.

#3. What is Minecraft brush used for?

Minecraft brush can be used for many purposes. Firstly, Minecraft introduced the brush for archeology. Here's how to use this tool for dirting the blocks.

  • Hold a brush in your hand;
  • Aim at a suspicious sand block or a suspicious gravel block;
  • Right-click or press LT or L2 to use the tool on the aimed block.

You can obtain random items after brushing suspicious blocks, such as ornamental items, coal, Emeralds, Pottery Sherds, and dye. These suspicious block often spawns in desert wells, ruins, and warm ocean ruins. Craft and enchant this tool to make it strong and durable to bring it with you along the archeology expeditions.

Secondly, the brush in Minecraft is useful for collecting armadillo scute in Minecraft 1.21. In specific, Minecraft players must brush the new mob armadillo to get its scute in the upcoming patch 1.21. This is a vital material for crafting wolf armor.

How To Use Brush
Use this tool to brush suspicious blocks for loots and brush armadillos for scutes.

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