There are a lot of ways you can use to get around Los Santos. While cars are a popular choice, it has probably been done to death already... and if you have some money on your character, it is a good idea to buy a plane.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best Aircraft in GTA Online

5 - V-65 Molotok

The V-65 Moltok is a super-fast and super deadly military plane with decent offensive capabilities that you’ll definitely want to make use of.


While both its max speed and acceleration are high, the V-65 is actually fairly easy to handle at high speed. Along with its heavy missiles and machine guns, the V-65 should be your best bet if you are going into a dogfight.

4 - Western Company Seabreeze

The only amphibious plane on this list - the advantage of the Seabreeze is that it can land pretty much anywhere, especially on water. The speed, ease of handling and decent acceleration are just the cherry on top.


The weakness of this plane is that you need to get used to it - landing safely can be a problem.

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3 - Western Company Rogue

The rogue is an old, stylish military plane - designed after ww2 planes. However, don't let the outdated appearance fool you - the speed it possesses is fairly nasty while the handling is not that bad. Furthermore, it can fit a pilot and co-pilot - you can get your friend to jump on and explore the city together with you.


2 - B-11 Strikeforce

The B-11 Strikeforce is a jet with one of the biggest weapon arsenals in the game. While it is fairly hard to handle, the speed and acceleration are pretty good and you can reach the limit in seconds. If you are looking for a fight or want to clear out an area, getting the B-11 Strikeforce is not a bad idea.


1 - JoBuilt P-996 LAZER

The most expensive item on this list - the LAZER is the final plane of the game that everyone wants to get. It has even more powerful weapons than the B11, with a faster speed and acceleration... at the cost of being hard to handle. However, if you are able to overcome that, you would have a literal flying tank in the sky.


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