Here are the top 4 games that can save FA gamers from a single world by dating a virtual girlfriend. Now, let’s look at the following list!

Summer Lesson - One Of Best-Selling Games For FA Gamers

Summer Lesson was first released in Japan in October 2016, but one year later, until 2017, its English version is officially available. Accordingly, Summer Lesson is one of the first games that aim to promote PlayStation VR glasses - an accessory that helps gamers experience a 3D simulation environment on PS4.

Summer Lesson

In this game, gamers play the role of a tutor (like Onizuka) who helps Hikari Miyamoto study and develop her potentials in both learning and other daily tasks.

Summer Lesson is designed with a real-time observation view and sexy and beautiful female NPCs. That’s why this game has drawn huge attention from FA gamers across the world, as well as those in Japan.

Summer Lesson Tutor

In Japan, Summer Lesson managed to rank No.2 on the list of best-selling games in the first month of its distribution, following Battlefield 1. It’s not surprising because this game mainly aims at otakus.

ProjectM: Daydream

As one of the first products by EVR Studio, ProjectM: Daydream is developed based on the movie’s story. Our main character is a guy called Dong-Won who will experience a world tour with his hot girlfriend.

Projectm Daydream

Via the advanced virtual reality tech, gamers will have a chance to visit many famous landscapes in the world, from spectacular mountains in Interlaken, Switzerland to majestic beaches in Nerja, Spain, or maybe tropical forests in South America or Africa. With ProjectM: Daydream, you almost have a wonderful and lively vacation.

Projectm Kitchen


AI Shoujo

In AI Shoujo, FA gamers play the role of a young man who gets lost on a deserted island. However, you are not alone because your companion is a virtual wife or girlfriend. Like many other survival games, you need to hunt, harvest, and search for ingredients to keep surviving on this island. The only difference comes from the appearance of your virtual wife who helps bring more liveliness and sexiness to your life.

Ai Shoujo Virtual Wife

Ai Shoujo Game

Ai Shoujo

Happy Manager

Happy Manager is a romantic dating game that allows gamers to star a manager of a mansion. It worth mentioning that you will have a chance to befriend and date with three beautiful guests who live in your mansion.

Happy Manager Three Girls

Happy Manager

Happy Manager is designed as a virtual reality dating game that allows FA gamers to interact with the girls just like in real life. Also, real-life in this game helps gamers gossip, go out, and date with these charming virtual girls. Surely, it is a notable dating game for any gamer, especially FA gamers.

Happymanager FA gamers

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