Not long before, a man escaped from death with great luck as the smartphone in his pocket suddenly exploded and burst into flames.

The man in this incident came from South Africa. The incident took place as he was waiting for his flight at the Johannesburg International Airport in South Africa. The smartphone in his pocket suddenly ignited and was set ablaze. The reason behind it was due to the fact that it was overheated due to the environmental temperature. If you don’t want your smartphone to become the next bomb, you should know how to cool down it, especially in summer.

Man Escaped Death Smartphone Exploded

Turn Off Apps That Are Not In Use

The first tip to keep your smartphone, especially Android devices, cool is turning off apps that are not in use. If these apps continue running in the background, the smart device will keep operating and become gradually hotter. And therefore, rising temperatures can lead to the lag. That’s why gamers should close apps if they are unnecessary.

Run Apps Smartphone
Running multiple apps is one of the first tips to save your smartphone from overheating.

Avoid Using Your Smartphone In Direct Sunlight

Using your smartphone in direct sunlight for a long time may make it hot in a short time, especially in hot summer days. Sunbeam can raise the temperature of the device and how to protect both yourself and your device is that you should limit using it in direct sunlight. Avoiding running hard tasks is highly recommended.

Smartphone Sunlight

Remove Case

Many love covering their smartphones by cases to protect them and add more beauty to them. However, these phone cases, in fact, prevent your device from free temperature and make it much hotter. Therefore, you should limit using the case as it becomes overheated.

Don’t Use Smartphone While Charging

Lots of gamers have a habit of playing games while charging their devices. However, it is not good because the battery has to work twice: charge and discharge at the same time. This habit doesn’t just harm both smartphone and battery but it can also turn your device into a time bomb literally.

Using Phone While Charging

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