The season 5 recap video of PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile has been published for a few days in their official Youtube channel. The video presents some impressive numbers that PUBG Mobile achieved in 2018. It’s was a successful year for the game with millions of player playing every day for hours. Survive Till Dawn, a time-limited event mode introduced in season 5,  was one of the reasons why people have spent enormous hours grinding on the game.

PUBG Mobile Season 5 theme is Shadow vs Force

Season 5 was called Shadow vs Force, featuring 2 styles of costumes. These 2 sets were the Dragon Hunter Set and the Roaring Dragon Set. According to the recap video, it seems that more players prefer the Roaring Dragon Set than the Dragon Hunter Set as only 40 % player chose to obtain the Dragon Hunter Set while 60 % player bought the Roaring Dragon Set. The number of chicken dinners was feasted in the new map Vikendi Moonlight has almost reached 7 million.

6,966,989 players feasted on chicken dinners during moonlight.

This indicates that the map was a success as so many players choose to play on this map on such a short period of time. The huge existing player base of the game combines with the consistent support and care from the developer is the reason why this game become one of the biggest mobile games. This can be proven by the stats was show in the PUBG MOBILE Season 5 Recap. The end of season 5 also means it's time for the beginning of season 6 Royal Pass with the expectation for more fantastic skin and addictive game mode.

Let's hope that season 6 will achieve more amazing feats that season 5 got and bring more joy and challenge to player around the world.  Here are the featured figures were mentions in the video:

40% of players bought Dragon Hunter Set, 60% of players bought Roaring Dragon Set

2 Set
40% Dragon Hunter Set vs 60% Roaring Dragon Set

6,966,989 players feasted on chicken dinners during moonlight.

In Survive Till Dawn mode, 2,884,176,349 zombies were killed.

The new MK47 Mutant eliminated 261,147,880 players and was used to achieve 905,437,843 chicken dinners.