Darkest Night is the newest Zombie mode introduced to PUBG Mobile with update 0.12.0. Unlike the previous Survive till Dawn mode, Darkest Night takes place over a single, long night in which players have to try their best to survive until the sun comes up. What’s more, poisonous gas will gradually fill the environment, forcing them to find shelter inside buildings and find equipment and supplies to fend off the rising undead.

Pubg Mobile Darkest Night
Darkest Night is the newest Zombie mode added to PUBG Mobile

Once the timer begins, the toxic gas will start closing in if you stay outside. This not only limits your vision but also depletes your health and can get you knocked off.

In this article, we will be discussing everything about this latest mode and what makes it stand out from the other modes that we’ve seen PUBG Mobile.


Darkest Night is different right from the pre-match waiting. Here, teams are split from one another and scattered in random locations across the map. Ideally, players will be put near houses, and the primary goal is to survive against the zombies, not other players.

Pubg Mobile Poison Gas
Toxic gas will kill you if you stay outdoor for too long

Hunting for supplies

As mentioned, players will be put near buildings to allow them to gather weapons and other needed supplies right when the match begins. If you are playing in a squad, it’s highly recommended that you all stick together.

Usually, the buildings will have everything to suit your basic need. One of the most important things to note is that you must pick up enough ammo to kill the initial wave of zombies. Once you manage to do that, the undead will drop tons of weapons, armor, and other supplies for you to move on.

New types of zombies

In addition to all the familiar zombie types such as regular zombies, Spitters, Lickers, and the Tyrant,  the update also introduces a brand new enemy type: Zombie dogs.

These dogs will be included in the horde of zombies that is out there to get you. They can be killed pretty easily with just a few bullets, if you manage to hit them through their constant movement, that is.

Another added advantage that the zombies now have is that some of them can now climb over certain low walls to get to you. On top of that, they can also find their ways onto rooftops, so you must be careful and cover all of your angles.

Pubg Mobile 5 Thong Tin Thu Vi Ve Mode Zombie Dark
Be sure to cover all of your angles

New weapons – missiles, grenades and more

There is no better weapon to lay waste to an army of undead than a missile. As a result, the RPG7, a newly-added missile launcher, should be your go-to weapon in Darkest Night. It allows you to wipe out all the zombies around with just one single shot, giving you enough time to make the necessary preparation for the next wave.

One drawback to this new weapon is that it requires a lot of time to load, during which you are very vulnerable. Thus, it might not be the best when it comes to solo play. The ideal strategy would be to have your teammates cover you while you prepare to shoot the missile.

Pubg Rpg 7
The new missile launcher

Moreover, the stun grenades are now able to stun zombies as well, so make good use of them to disable the undead and use that window to either load the missile launcher or just kill as many enemies as you possible can using whatever weapon you have.

Update 0.12.0 also makes one major change that will greatly benefit players: You can now gain health automatically just by killing zombies, so you are not as dependent on healing items as you were before. Moreover, when you get knocked out, all nearby zombies will be stunned for a while, enough for your teammates to revive you. That said, this ability can only be triggered once per match, so you’ll still have to be very careful.


To sum up, the basic things you have to do to survive the Darkest Night are:

  • Gather as much resource as you can.

  • Stay inside buildings as much as possible.

  • Stick with your teammates.

  • If you have a missile launcher, have one member prepare it while the others provide cover.