Patch 0.12.0 just rolled out in PUBG Mobile a few days ago and one of the highlights that came with it was the addition of the EvoGround. Basically, this EvoGround is a replacement to the old event mode and it currently sports two different kinds of Zombie Survival gameplay.

Pubg Mobile Update 012
Update 0.12.0 adds a lot of new features

The idea behind EvoGround was to develop the massively popular Zombie mode into a standalone mode in PUBG Mobile. The previous zombie mode has now been revamped into ‘Zombie: Survive till Dawn II’ with several bonus Effects added.

On top of that, the developer has brought a brand new type of gameplay under EvoGround called ‘Darkest Night’, which tasks players with defending themselves against the zombies through the night and survive until the sun rises.

Pubg Mobile Darkest Night
Darkest Night is a new zombie mode added to PUBG Mobile with this update

A major change featured in this mode is that players will spawn random locations across the map and then have to rush to the nearest buildings to gather as much supply as they possibly can before the undead start invading.

What makes Darkest Night stand out from ‘Survive till dawn’ is that you must find shelter in the buildings before the zombies come, because once the zombies start rising, poisonous gas will also begin to fill the environment, limiting your vision as well as depleting your health rapidly.

EvoGround also brings new effects into both Zombie modes. The most notable one is that, with this update, you will now be able to gain health as you destroy more and more zombies. Previously, if you received damage during the fights, you had to fall back and use bandages or med kits to recover. This led to gaps between your line of fire, allowing the zombies to close in and attack you while you were busy fumbling with the healing items, thereby putting you in extremely dangerous positions.

Pubg Mobile Zombie
It was formerly very easy to get overwhelmed by the zombies

No doubt this feature was included because formerly it was too difficult for players to find a window to use healing items, and so they eventually got overwhelmed by the undead. More often than not, players who tried to revive a fallen teammate would end up getting knocked out themselves. However, now that you can recover your health just by slaying zombies, you can have more chances to orchestrate your counterattacks effectively. This opens up more room for new strategies.

Another important addition brought into PUBG Mobile by EvoGround is a new ‘Shell shock’ passive. As mentioned above, it used to be very hard to revive a player who had been knocked down, as the zombies would continue to assault endlessly, leaving standing players with little chance to help their fallen comrades. Another reason is that players had to move around a lot to avoid getting surrounded by the undead horde, which usually resulted in teammates being too separated from one another to provide backup immediately.

Evoground brings many new beneficial buffs to players

Luckily, that has been changed with the new patch. Now, if you are knocked down during a fight with the zombies, they will cease attacking you. All nearby zombies will be stunned and rendered immobile for a short time, enough for you to get revived by your teammates and recover HP. Of course, you can also take advantage of the window during which the zombies are helpless to kill as many of them as you can. That said, while this seems like an overpowered ability, it doesn’t mean you can rush in with reckless abandon, as you can only get it once per match.

The Zombie gameplay also allows for ‘Armor of Change,’ which means you can now recover your vest upon a zombie kill. Naturally, that will help you stay alive for longer.