After keeping players waiting for quite a long time, update 0.12.0 has finally arrived in PUBG Mobile, bringing with it several additional features and a brand new Zombie mode. But did you know that, with this update, you can get yourself a Premium Crate in the game completely for free? Sounds amazing, right? Now you are probably wondering how you could do that. Well, just follow the three simple steps listed below, and it’s yours. Who knows, you might even get some cool stuff to show off with your friends!

Step 1: Check the upper right corner of your screen

Of course, the very first step would be to update PUBG Mobile in your phone to the newest version. After you have done that, open the game and take a look at the upper right corner. Here, you’ll see a shining car icon. Just tap on that. See the picture below:

Pubg Free Crate Step 1

Step 2: The bottom right corner.

Clicking on the car will open a new window, and here’s where the secret lies. Now what you need to do is look carefully at the bottom right corner this time. See an egg hidden in the grass? Yes, that is where your reward lies! Just tap on the egg and it will automatically hatch. Inside is your prize.

If you have trouble locating the egg, see the following photo:

Pubg Free Crate Step 2

Step 3: Claim the reward

So, now that you’ve received the Premium Crate Coupon for free, go to find it in your inventory and open it to obtain all the awesome stuff inside. Of course, don’t forget to show off with your friends.

Pubg Free Crate
Inside the egg is a surprise gift!

There you have it, everything is just as easy! But if you look deeper into the whole affair, is this free gift simply a free Easter gift from Tencent to players, or could it be a hint towards something else? We’ll have to wait and see!