Having the best weapons with high-rank pieces of equipment isn't enough to win a PUBG Mobile game, especially in TPP mode where a player can stay safely behind the cover while scouting the area or fighting. In these situations, the best solution would be using throwable weapons as they have a big AOE and high damage which can force your opponents out of their cover or immobilized them.

Also, their damage is not reduced by lv three gear nor damage them, so they are the perfect key to win many fights vs. enemy with better gears. It's advisable that you always try to keep a couple of those in your backpack to increase your chance of winning the game.

1. Grenade

Grenade is the most used throwable and also the most effective one. One perfect grenade can take down several enemies at a time. A grenade can bounce off the wall before they exploded so with a little bit of calculation, you can easily reach hidden spots.

Grenade is the best throwable weapon.

2. Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade is an item to create an effective cover temporary when you are trying to save your teammate or running away from the fight or fighting back in the open field. This item is critical in the ending phase since sometimes you have to blow your cover to get into the circle fast.

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Smoke Grenade is for defensive purpose.

3. Moltovol

The less popular one than the other two, but still very useful in a lot of case. Despite not killing the enemy right away, they deal severe damage over time if the player doesn't leave the area soon.

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4. Stun Grenade

This item disables your opponent's ability to see and hear for a short amount of time. Almost no player use this one because it can only be used as an offensive tool while the enemy can look away to dodge it.

It's was recently buffed in the Zombie mode to slow down the zombies.

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Stun Grenade

5. Zombie Grenade

An exclusive item in both of the Zombie modes. High damage with great AOE, the only downside is that you might hit your teammates while using it.

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A New Zombie Grenade