The update version of PUBG Mobile - patch 0.13.0 - which a lot of fans have been waiting for is finally here. This is actually among the most large-scale updates PUBG Mobile has got ever since its release last year.

The update brings a new mode to PUBG Mobile

The most noticeable feature of this update is Team Deathmatch - a new mode in the game. In Team Deathmatch mode, there will be two teams, each has four players. The two team will battle one another. To become the winner in this mode, your team has to reach 40 kills first.

We haven’t got any chance to see a new mode appear in PUBG Mobile ever since the collaboration with Resident Evil 2 earlier this year.

Besides Team Deathmatch mode, this update patch has also introduced a lot of new features as well as changes. You can find an entirely new lobby background with a Godzilla theme. In the near future, there will also some Godzilla themed events.

There is a major change in the Vikendi map, too. Now, when players move around on the snow, they will leave footprints, tire tracks and trails. This will have a huge impact on how high-ranked players would play in this map.

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) showcase when the matches are over is another big highlight of this update. When players complete a match, the Most Valuable Player (in both team deathmatch and classic modes) will get a post-match screen that comes alongside a default pose. In the future, more poses will appear in the game as a cosmetic.


Alongside many bug fixes, there are also changes in the Darkest Night and Survive till Dawn modes. Now, there are four new kinds of zombie instead of one like in the old version. They will have some special abilities, too. For example, the “Tanks” can empower surrounding allies whereas the “Skinners” are capable of slowing down players around them. A new factory has replaced the police station in zombie modes.

Also, players now have a separate button to command their character to climb. This helps prevent players from unintentionally climbing over walls in case they just want to jump and take a look at the other side.


There are also changes in War Mode and Sniper Training mode. They are now available on Wednesdays as well as Mondays. The Quick Match and The Mini Zone will run on Thursdays and Tuesdays. And you can get access to All of the arcades modes on Fridays and weekends.

PUBG Mobile has achieved a new milestone along with the update: It has surpassed 400 million downloads. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile is currently boasting 50 million active users every day outside of China.

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