PUBG Mobile now is one of the most popular games in the world with 100 million monthly active players. For a game which was released on iOS and Android a year ago, this statistic is really impressive.

Royale Pass Season 7 was launched in May and all ranking was reset. Its time for players to climb the ladder again and reach a higher rank. While many players are familiar with competitive gaming and have found their path to the upper level, some players still don’t know what they should do to reach a higher tier, especially new players.

ace tier pubg
How to reach ACE Tier PUBG fast and get the prize?

These are useful tips that can help you to level up your ranking and reach ACE faster. By boosting your ratings on heal score, kill score, damage and other factors, you will get more point when the match ends and avoid point reduction.

1. How to get ACE Tier in PUBG: Don’t jump to hot areas

The first thing you should do is to avoid hot spots on the map and jump to secluded areas. Hot spots are places that have a lot of weapons and ammunition. Therefore, many players will land in there, especially skilled players. If you are not confident in your skills, don’t jump there because you can be killed in the first few seconds of the game. Even a kid can kill people when they are unprepared and lack of guns and items. In PUBG Mobile, survival ranking is very important. The longer you live, the more point you get. In addition, being in the top three will help you a lot even if you have no kill. So, try to stay alive as long as possible.

ace tier pubg
Some areas attract a lot of players so don't jump there

2. How to get ACE Tier in PUBGGet some kills

PUBG Mobile is a competitive game which has only one winner among 100. Therefore, kill rating is very important. However, being a new player, how you can get kills and still stay alive? You should find a place which is safe and has a broad view in order to camp other players. Remember not to start unnecessary fights when you are not sure you can knock them out. Another way is to stay at the edge of the circle and kill the bots.

ace tier pubg
Only start a fight if you have advantages over your enemies

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3. How to get ACE Tier in PUBGStay close to the Blue zone

Following the blue zone, staying near the border and waiting for the new zone given. By being near the border, you back will be secured and you can camp other players easier. In addition, as said above, these areas may have some bots for you to increase kill rating.

ace tier pubg
By staying near the border of the blue zone, your back will be secured

4. How to get ACE Tier in PUBG: Damage yourself and get recover

This sounds quite silly because, in a battle royale game like PUBG, health is very important. However, in PUBG Mobile, the more you heal yourself, the more point you get. Therefore, if you meet some bots on the way, don’t kill them right away. Lets them shoot you for a while and then heal yourself after killing them.

Another way is you can go out of the blue zone to get damaged and then come inside to recover. Well, that is not so honorable but you do want to get more point, don’t you? One last thing is that don't forget to keep a certain amount of bandages, medical kits,... to use when necessary.

ace tier pubg
It is not always bad when you damage yourself

5. How to get ACE Tier in PUBG: Hide until the last round

When you are in the top 10 or top 15, your location is very important so it is better to not show up too early. You should hide in a safe location near the border and let other players kill each other. If you are a sniper, that’s perfect. You can stay in one place to camp and steal kills from others. If you are having an assault rifle, you should stay near the border or camp in a house.

ace tier pubg
This is a survival game, not a killing game so hiding is very important