On Tuesday, Tamil Nadu Muslim League (TNML), a regional political party in the Indian Union Muslim League, filed a complaint against PUBG Mobile and requested a ban on the game. They think that PUBG Mobile disrespected Islam religious by having an item resembles the image of Holy Kaaba.

On March, PUBG Mobile rolled out an update for the game's birthday anniversary, introducing a birthday crate that looks like the holiest Islamic building in Mecca, Kaaba. Kaaba is the birthplace of the great Prophet Muhammad, where crores of Muslims offer their prayers. It is understandable why many users felt insulted and even protested by deleting the game. However, PUBG Mobile team quickly grasped the situation and made an apology on their Twitter.

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PUBG Mobile twitter

Although it was 2 months ago and the crate has been redesigned, the situation hasn't been settled yet. Recently, TNML wrote a long letter to the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office claiming that PUBG Mobile is distracting the youth and disgracing the sentiments of the Muslims. They even compared the game to the Blue Whale Challenge, which led to the suicides of many youths.

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Tamil Nadu Muslim League's letter

Ever since the launch of PUBG Mobile in India, there have been a lot of controversies around the game. People are worried about the addictive nature of the game and their effects on the study of the youth. The game even was banned for a short while and dozen of people were arrested for playing the game in public. In the most recent news, a 16-year-old died because of cardiac arrest after playing the game for 6 hours straight in Madhya Pradesh.