PUBG was the first battle royale game that has gained worldwide success. The game along with its mobile counterpart PUBG Mobile has been all the rage in India and even sparked many controversies in the region due to its addictive nature.

Both PUBG and PUBG Mobile are a worldwide success

Recently, a 16-year-old boy in Madhya Pradesh passed away because of cardiac arrest after playing PUBG for 6 hours straight.

The incident happened at around 7 pm on May 28. The boy's name is Furkhan Qureshi. According to his family, he started playing the game after lunch. At the time Furkhan collapsed, his sister, Fiza Qureshi, was right next to him and witnessed the whole thing. She said he had been playing PUBG with some of his friends. Then, he had started shouting his teammate "carry out the blast..carry out blast". And then after throwing his earphone and phone, he had cried blaming his friend.

Pubg Banned
Some countries have banned PUBG due to its addictive nature

The family immediately rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. The doctor failed to save him.

Surprisingly, the boy was actually a swimmer, so he was supposed to have a healthy heart. The doctor thought that "the game might have caused a surge in adrenaline causing cardiac arrest." He also recommended staying away from games with such level of excitement to avoid cardiac arrest.

Furkhan's brother Mohammad Hashim said that Furkhan was addicted to the game because he used to play PUBG for 18 hours a day. Mohammad also plays PUBG, but now he has deleted the game after the death of his brother.

The police have taken on this case and are doing further investigation.

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Soldier playing PUBg Mobile

There have been a lot of absurd circumstances happened in India concerning PUBG Mobile too. A wife divorced her husband because he didn't allow her to play the game. Soldiers neglected their duty because of playing too much. These kinds of stories are the reason why people are so afraid of letting their children play video games. Moreover, recently, the World Health Organization even classified game addiction as a mental disorder.