The 0.13.0 update has come to PUBG Mobile, brings an end to the collaboration with Resident Evil 2. While the zombie mode still remains, there are changes to some zombie types. Four zombie types are removed, including Tyrant, G, Licker, or Zombie Cop and four others have been added to replace them. Check out the list below to get more information about the new zombies before you head out to the battlefield.

Pubg Mobile Resident Evil 2 Poster 1548413360044
The collaboration between PUBG and Resident Evil 2 is over

1.Mutant - G

Mutant was chosen as the replacement for G zombie. In case you are not familiar with the name, it is the big one in the Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D). G zombie has a much higher health pool than a normal zombie and can be considered as a mini-boss himself.

Raccoon Police Location Home Sweet Home Claire Vs
G zombie is a very interesting character in Resident Evil 2

Mutant, as the replacement for G zombie, has a quite similar outlook to G zombie. His strength and health are also high with a considerable long attack range, so you might want to keep your distance and take him down slowly.

Pubg Mobile Diem Qua 4 Zombie Moi Gia Nhap Survive
Mutant zombie

2. Paidmen - Tyrant

Tyrant or Mr X is the strongest zombie in the Survive Till Dawn mode. In a zombie match, each time the plane fly by, instead of dropping a crate like in the normal match, it will drop Tyrant to a location and surrounds it with a few broken vehicle as its territory. If you get too close to Tyrant, it will chase you and try to kill you. Tyrant can punch or throw a big rock which will hurt you badly if it hit.

1549762680 Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Featuring Tyran
Tyrant - Cool, tall and dangerous

Normally, it will take a whole squad to take Tyrant down as it's very dangerous with a huge health pool, but the reward you will get for killing Tyrant is definitely worth it.

Pubg Mobile Diem Qua 4 Zombie Moi Gia Nhap Survive

As for Paimen, it has the same stat as Tyrant and apart from throwing rocks, it can also summon 2 zombies to keep you busy.

3. Worker zombie - Cop zombie

Pubg Mobile Rpd Factory New Secret Spawn Building
The R.P.D is gone

Since the R.P.D is gone, it makes sense to remove the cop police. The R.P.D is also replaced with a factory so they filled the place with worker zombie. I don't think there is any difference between the two apart from their appearance.

Pubg Mobile Diem Qua 4 Zombie Moi Gia Nhap Survive
Worker zombie

4. Skinner - Licker

Licker is the nightmare for most players because of their speed and their high amount of health. They move by crawling so it's harder to precisely aim at them while they are moving. Licker is replaced by Skinner has an additional ability to slow players and slightly different model.

Pubg Mobile Diem Qua 4 Zombie Moi Gia Nhap Survive