Former CS:GO well-known pro-player Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has recently delivered his personal opinion on PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s newest update for the iconic Erangel map. Particularly, he emphasizes on how the game’s moving mechanics can be enhanced for better gaming experience.

Shroud Cloud9
Above: Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek

First launched in March 2017, this map has always been in the top priority in Battle Royale fan’s remastering list. This results from the development of hardware has overcome the technical requirement of the map for a long time.

At last, PUBG’s developing team has fulfilled their players’ wish by revealing the update for PUBG’s iconic original map. Players can experience all the adaptations on PUBG Test Server on Steam, during June 8th and June 9th, on all platforms available.

Shroud indicates the problem regarding PUBG’s moving mechanics

The famous star on Twitch, shroud, who is popular for his madly incredible aiming skill, not just at PUBG but also CS:GO, used his chat to voice his opinion regarding Erangel’s recent adaptations.

Pubg Erangel Remaster Update

Shroud mentioned the air strafing system, as he believed that it would be really annoying if players could turn in the middle of the air. This may make the gamers highly-disoriented while playing game like PUBG.

This kind of movement, a.k.a “strafe jumping”, is most popular within CS:GO, which is also a product from Source Engine powered by Valve.

Apex Legends (powered by Source engine as well), the direct opponent of PUBG in battle royale category, received a lot of compliments in terms of its moving mechanics, which let its players to move effortlessly around the game’s map. Shroud thinks it would be great if PUBG adopts this into the game.

Apex Legends M600 Spitfire Lmg
Above: Apex Legends (captured in-game)

Feedback gathered from the test event this weekend is probably taken into consideration by Bluehole, the developer unit of PUBG. Bluehole can make some minor adjustments following those feedbacks, prior to the Season 4’s official release. Yet adjustments to moving system isn’t likely to happen.

The awkward jumping and moving mechanics of PUBG has always been a problem since PUBG was first launched, and in spite of a large number of complaints, seasonal players, especially pro players, all want a giant change like that not to happen.

The Canadian player regarded PUBG’s current moving mechanics as the biggest issue that the developers have to deal with, calling it “clunky”, particularly when it comes to jumping over ledges or boxes.