Zynga, a game maker comes from American, has announced that it will join the battle royale community with Tiny Royale, a multiplayer shooting game that was introduced in April, as an exclusive of Snap's gaming platform.

Zynga's Tiny Royale - A new battle royale game for mobile.

The game is now officially accessible on the Snapchat app and is designed to attract those players who are crazy about Fornite and PUBG, the two well-known multiplayer battle royal titles.

Into the game, Tiny Royale's players can go to the battle alone, or choose to form a team with friends to shoot, loot and win the battle together. Many custom characters are up to select, players are free to choose any of the characters that they like. 30 players are allowed to join a battle at the same time, and they will be divided into different teams of up to four members. Ultimately, its gameplay is similar to other battle royale titles, which is not a surprise. The map will become smaller until only one player, or one team, remains.

“We are thrilled to be one of the first companies to launch a gaming experience on Snapchat. Game developers rarely get the opportunity to create an entirely new experience on an emerging platform so our team was excited to remix the battle royale genre into a fast-paced game designed to rock on Snap Games.”

- Bernard Kim, the president of Publishing at Zynga.

Snapchat users who are interested in the game can enjoy this new title Tiny Royale using Snapchat's messaging feature, Chat. When players are in the game, they can communicate with other players via both text and voice messages. Tiny Royale Leagues, the ranked matchmaking system of the game, will be offered by Zynga later this summer. This might encourage players to engage in a more ambitious community which is divided into groups of 100, with 20 separated tiers. Tiny Royale players will have to fight their own way to the higher tier ranks while being rewarded with trophies and other bonuses based on their performance.