While League might have the biggest Esports scene in the world of Gaming, Dota 2 is actually the one with the bigger prize pool. The game single-handedly contributes to the creation of most Esports millionaires - out of the top 30 Esports pros with the highest earnings, 29 of them are from Dota 2.


The reason behind this wealth is that Dota 2's yearly The International tournament has the highest payout out of all Esports tournaments ever - 34 million dollars... while the runner up League's World has only a 2.2 million prize pool.

Why is N0tail so wealthy?

N0tail along with his team has win two Internationals in a row. As the latest Internationals in 2018 and 2019 have much bigger prizes than previous ones... and that makes him one of the richest Esports gamers ever. In his career, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein has amassed about 7 million dollars.

About N0tail's 2.2 million esports mansion

Apparently, N0tail has decided to give a decent chunk of his earning to invest back to the industry - the Lisbon mansion is going to be an Esports facility. Recently, the British Public Broadcast service BBC has interviewed him and went on a tour of the mansion in the below YouTube video.

In this video, N0tail gave his reason for purchasing this mansion and what went into the decision. Apparently, N0tail has always wanted to revolve his life around games... and this is a dream come true to him.

Overall, the whole building cost around 1.1 million euros, with another seven hundred thousand for furniture, renovation, and miscellaneous expenditures. The total cost is 1.8 million euros or 2.2 million dollars. The whole complex has 17 bedrooms, which are intended for his teammates and other players.

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The mansion's support staff including a social media manager, a sports psychologist, and a full-time chef. Furthermore, it also has a recreational area with various facilities like a gym, swimming pool and ping pong table... With most of the current competition happening online, Johan has been hosting his newest teammates in OG.Dota.

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