While some people like the action-packed combat of PUBG or Free Fire, in which quick reaction is required, others prefer a slower experience in which they can calculate each and every move. In this article, we would list out the top 5 best Strategy Games for Android 2021.

1 - XCOM Enemy Within

XCOM is a turn-based strategy game in which you controlling a base that sends out taskforces with the mission to intercept the aliens and stop them from invading Earth. As the commander, the players would control the group of soldiers that go on missions on various continents all over the globe.


Each turn, you would control your troops and move them around the missions' map completing objectives. The missions range from wiping out all hostiles to bomb a target or rescue hostages. After the match is done, you would be able to move back to your base and upgrade your troops. This is a completely single-player game - you won't find any microtransaction. However, it is not free.

2 - Arknights

This is probably one of the best games in the tower defense genre to date, with constant upgrades adding new characters, events and maps. It is also completely free - with no forced microtransaction to speak of - you can completely beat all the maps and get a lot of 6 stars characters by just playing the game as normal.

Screen 5

With the game using "Operators" in place of "Towers", the character designs for each hero is top-notch - with a consistently cool anime style.

3 - Bloons TD 6

Another tower defense game... however, this one is more of a grind than Arknights, as there is just too much content to unlock - you can play the thing all day, with lots of levels being 100 rounds or more. The grind is fairly slow as well... and there aren't nearly as many towers in Bloons TD 6 comparing to Arknights.

Bloons Td 6 Ios Review Screenshot A Desert Level

This is also a paid game - you need to pay a small amount to buy the game... and if you are not up for the grind, you can also pay a little more to unlock benefits using microtransaction.

4 - Rome Total War

Conquer the ancient world in Rome: Total War. This was originally a famous PC Game years ago... and now you can play it on mobile. It features massive turn-based battles, and touchscreen-optimized controls. Choose between 19 factions of antiquity like Roman, Egyptian, Macedonian... and control them to conquer everything in the ancient world.

Rome Total War Graphics

There's more than just winning in the cruel, gruesome game of war; you also need to see to your civilization's political, economic, and religious affairs. ROME: Total War features many hours of a campaign, plus plenty of replayability.

5 - Gwent

A spinoff card game from one of the best RPG ever made - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Overall, Gwent is as fun as any multiplayer card game could be... with a plus that it does not go heavy on the microtransaction and has a proper single-player campaign.

Gwent Android

If you enjoy the world of The Witcher, whether you've read the books, played the games, or watched the Netflix show, then you'll find something to like in Gwent.

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