With PUBG Mobile's removal from the Indian market, Call of Duty has definitely got a better time in India, gaining a lot more players in the process. It is distinctly different from Free Fire - the game actually focuses on its normal modes like team deathmatch, capture, bomb defusal... while the Battle Royale mode is more of a side activity.

However, the game requires a fairly decent phone to work - if you can play Call of Duty Mobile for some reason, it might be a good idea to try the following 5 alternatives.

1 - Rules of Survival

Yet another PUBG clone – the twist here is that Rules of Survival has 120 players instead of 100. Nothing really special about this one, however - but if you are bored with the usual battle royale matches, you can definitely give this a try. Outside of some additional vehicles, weapons, and modes, its gameplay is more or less the same. In this game, players would drop out from an airplane, land, find resources and kill other players.

Rules Of Survival

2 – Nova Legacy

One of the best Story mode shooter games available on the market. While Nova Legacy’s main mode is multiplayer, there is a robust campaign with 19 action-packed levels. Besides story mode, Nova Legacy also includes some of the best extra modes like limited-time challenge missions, customize missions, and more.

You can just pirate the full version of this game on various 3rd party sites, as the free version has a lot of microtransactions.

best offline survival games for android under 100mb

3 - Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is a Fortnite/PUBG hybrid clone. There are item crafting and resource gathering, along with options to switch between first and third-person perspectives. There is no rule that said a fake cannot surpass the original - Creative Destruction is a pretty fun game to play if your rank is too high or too low in the other battle royale games and just want a fresh start.

Creative Destruction

4 - Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a pixelized clone of PUBG – the unique pixel style graphics is probably the only new thing it has over its predecessor. However, that makes the game suitable to play for even potato phones – if you are a fan of PUBG’s gameplay but do not want to play Free Fire, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground should be the correct choice.

top 10 battle royale games for android

5 - Fortnite

Riding on PUBG's coattail and eventually surpasses it, Fortnite has been staying on top of the genre ever since. Epic Game's free-to-play battle royale has the biggest twist in gameplay - besides fighting each other to the death, players also gather resources in the environment to build structures, which can be used for various purposes like protecting fallen allies, getting the high ground... etc. Fortnite also has fairly low graphics requirements and crossplay between Mobile and PC, something no other battle royales have.


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