As Free Fire season 22 has started, gamers look forward to boosting their rank and get the Booyah. You will win more often in Free Fire with a bit of everything: patience, practice, and the right strategy.

While players will head to the Bermuda map in the game, check out the best tips to get maximum Booyah in Free Fire season 22.

Free Fire
Below are our tips to get maximum Booyah in Free Fire.

1. Play safe

Players need to win more in order to have their rank pushed. Losing in matches will only get the rank down. You need to play quite safely and passively to become the last man standing.

The purpose of this is to avoid dying early, hence getting armor, collecting weapons, and arriving at the safe area in time.

2. Dodge the hot drops

The possibility of acquiring cool items and weapons urges players to go to hot drop spots such as Clock Tower and Bimasakti Strip. However, armed gamers often ambush those unarmed which leads to early defeats.

Hot Drops
Avoiding the hot drops will be a smart choice if you want to get the cap Booyah in the end.

Notably, Bimasakti is known for frequent gunfights and has a lot of players crowding there. The Peak zone is also popular as a good loot location and attracts lots of players.

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3. Choose a hoverboard

Vehicles can be a spot of attraction. And only solo players should use vehicle spawns when they are out of the safe zone.

Free Fire Hoverboard
Some may not expect the hoverboard to be even better than other grand vehicles.

The electric hoverboards which are spread across the map are more useful than vehicles. You can easily drive it towards the cover and it is also easy to get off it. You may also carry it along and board whenever needed.

4. Use the right weapons

One of the most obvious and best tips to get maximum Booyah in Free Fire is to use a suitable weapon. You do not need to always obtain fancy weapons from crates. You may not need to rely on gun skins either as there are many strong weapons without frills. A decent gun combination like a UMP + a sniper can be relatively useful. The goal of this is to maintain the weapons for both short and long-range fights.

Groza Gun In Free Fire 1
Choose the most appropriate weapon will defo get you to win.

Apart from this, the game has lots of items such as smoke grenades, gloo walls, among others. You can use them to escape, defend, and avoid tricky situations.

5. Use headphones

In fact, sounds will help spot the foe’s location more quickly than only radar. Over time, you will actually develop a better sense of sound and get better at identifying gunshots and footsteps.

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