Final Fantasy 7 will always be the best RPG ever in the heart of many fans around the world. Anyone who played the game won't be able to forget the couple Cloud and Tifa. I am sure many of you even had a crush on Tifa back then.


In the original version on PS, characters don't have a voice. But the game still was able to manage it thanks to the wonderful score from the legendary musician of the Final Fantasy series, Nobuo Uematsu.

But now, after 20 years, the technology has allowed us the bring the game back with refined graphics and voices for our favorite characters.

Let's meet Britt Baron, the beautiful girl who voiced Tifa and make the iconic female character come alive in Final Fantasy 7: Remake.

Britt Ff 1

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Britt Ff

Britt Baron is an American actress, who is best known for her role in the Netflix drama series GLOW. She joined the audition for Final Fantasy 7 and got accept in July last year. She actually didn't even think that she could get in the cast, let alone play the role of Tifa.

"When my agent called me to tell me I got cast in it, I was confused about which part it was. I thought “oh great!” not realizing that it was the role of Tifa." Britt Baron said.

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She was really nervous and overwhelmed about how to make it right, knowing that Tifa has a lot of meaning to millions of fans around the world, including herself.

So, she started doing her research by watching Advent Children and Youtube videos to really understand the character of Tifa, following with lots of practice at work and even at home.

Britt Ff 7

Her effort seems to have paid off as Tifa has a beautiful voice in Final Fantasy 7 Remake now to express her emotions and become more realistic than ever to the fans.

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