In an attempt to boost up hype for Sony's later event in February, Square Enix dropped the long-awaited opening cinematic of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a nostalgia-fueled trip, with various old elements and new additions combined to create a seamless experience. While a lot of the footages have been displayed in various other trailers, this is probably the first time they were combined together in full.

The clip begins with a close look at the redesigned version of Midgar, Final Fantasy VII's signature dark, gritty first metropolis zone. The area now looks very vibrant, with living spaces and workers traveling around - there are even kids driving on their bikes. A lot of work definitely has been put into redesigning the PS classic, which originally launched more than 20 years ago - and this is only the first part of the game. After the city shots, the video skips to Aerith, the flower girl, wandering the streets at night. The sequence with the crushed flower is more or less a symbolism of the cruel, uncaring world around her. The scene ends with Aerith looking up the sky as the trailer cut into a wide shot of the city. After the train carrying Cloud toward the energy reactor, Nobuo Uematsu's score plays, signaling the end of the opening cinematics and the beginning of the game.

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Red XIII's first appearance

A lot of iconic moments have been revealed in various trailers, from Cloud's ability, fighting style to summonings. The infamous cross-dressing scene is also teased as well. Final Fantasy VII Remake would cover the first parts of the original game, in which players would control Cloud, Tifa, Barrett, and Aerith in their adventure to take down the Shinra Corporation and uncover the sinister mysteries behind the scenes. Red XIII was just revealed to also be a part of this game, however, it is unknown if he would be in the playable roster.

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The combat would be really flashy

FFVII Remake was originally expected to launch in March for the PS4, however, it has been delayed until April 10th. Interested in more of our posts related to video games? Please check out this article for the most anticipated RPG in 2020.