The release date for Daedalic Entertainment’s newest RPG title, Iron Danger, is revealed by a brand new gameplay trailer. The game would be available for purchase on Steam on Mar 25.

Iron Danger sets in a war-torn city named Kalevala that was designed with elements from steampunk, tech noir, and Nordic myth. In order to save the city from certain destruction, you have to assemble a party of adventurers to brave the unknown. The twist here is that your main weapons won’t be sword or magic – they would be the power of time-bending.

In this game, players would step into the shoes of Kipuna, a warrior who was mortally wounded when resisting the Northern army that invade her village. Saved by a magical crystal creature, she was granted the ability to rewind time and change her destiny. With this power, Kipuna can manipulate the flows of time and turn it back for up to five seconds so that she could change the outcome. With this ability, players can block and dodge attacks that were supposed to hit them, repositioning to attack or retreat, heal themselves… the uses for this are endless. Because of that, combat in Iron Danger has a puzzle-like feel to it, as you can continue trying out for new strategies to get the perfect outcome.

Time-based combat along with environmental destruction

Furthermore, the environment can also be a great weapon that could be used to your advantage. While rewinding time, you could set your enemy on fire by kicking them into a flammable object or set a trap so that they would be crushed after time unwind. About the character customization: progression would be locked throughout your journey – there won’t be much grinding in this game. There are only two characters in your party and they are unswitchable.

Lance Baker Bearinforest
There would only be two members in your party

Overall, Iron Danger is a perfect blend between turn-based tactics, real-time action, and puzzles. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 10 Stealth games on PC.