Today, we will check out the list of the top 5 most popular Japanese cosers who successfully cosplay characters in anime.

Reika Arikawa

Reika Arikawa, better known as Reika-sama, is a popular coser who has fame in both Japan and many Asian countries including Thailand and China. Her private page attracts around 10 lakh followers.


Reika loves transforming into male characters who require her to pay more attention to clothes, props, and makeup. Her ‘handsomeness’ in pics always draws lakhs of views and likes from fans across the world. Reika Arikawa, in fact, is a beautiful girl with a lovely face that is completely different from her look when cosplaying popular anime characters.

Reika Arikawa

Some of the famous anime characters Reika used to cosplay include Howl, (Howl’s Moving Castle), Shanks (One Piece), or Reshou, Miketsukami, Sorinozuka (Inu x Boku).

Reika Cosplay

Reika Sama

Otogi Nekomu

If you are a big fan of Japanese cosplay, you may know female coser Nekomu with a dream to become a mangaka. Nekomu was born on December 15, 1995. She soon started her journey as a coser and until now, she has many years of experience in this field.


With her sexy figure, super large boobs, and hot curves, Otogi Nekomu has produced many seducing and eye-catching albums. Additionally, she became one of the top 15 most popular beautiful cosers in the world in 2015. At present, she married a famous mangaka named Kousuke Fujishima.

Otogi 1

Some of her successful cosplay projects include Hestia (Dammachi), Nozomi (Love Live School Idol), and Rize (Tokyo Ghoul).

Otogi 2

Otogi Coser

Otogi Cosplay

Otogi Nekomu


Speaking of popular female coser in Japan, many first think about Saya - a girl who is known as the Queen of cosplay in Japan. She has produced hundreds of attractive cosplay albums to date. Saya has joined the cosplay community for over 10 years and won the hearts of millions of fans across the world.


Her pics always receive high appreciation from the viewers due to her cute gestures, lovely face, and thorough preparation.

However, the earthquake took place in Japan in April 2011, leading to the death of outstanding talent in the Japanese cosplay world. Until now, she is still recognized as one of the most prominent female cosers in the land of the rising sun.

Saya Coser

Saya San

Some of her great cosplay projects include Vampire Knight, Black Rock, Death Note, and Vocaloid.

Iori Moe

This female coser has received lots of attention not only in Japan but also in China. She often appears with impressively eye-catching cosplay clothes in big games and anime events.

Iori 1

Although she is rather short, her beautiful face and sexy body are big plus points to help her transform into lovely but sultry Lolita girls. At present, whenever searching for female cosers, the netizens want to update more about her.


Iori 2

Iori 3

Iori Moe


Known as the most popular coser in Japan, Enako has had a huge number of fans and an admirable income in the cosplay community. There are now more than 9.6 lakh followers on her Twitter account.


Her annual personal income can reach Rs2 crore. Enako used to reveal on a TV show that her main income comes from selling books, photos, souvenirs, as well as participating in anime and game events. Only in 2018, this female coser earned up to Rs2.1 crore.

Enako 1

With a lovely face and perfect figure, Enako easily portraits many beauties in the anime world. The netizens send countless praise to her performance which is as great as a pro actress. In addition to cosplay, she also works as a photo model and voice actor.

Enako 2

Enako 3

Enako 4

Enako 5

Above are the top 5 most popular Japanese female cosers who succeed to portrait characters in anime and manga. If you are a loyal fan of one of these girls, tell us at the comment box below!

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