Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, 8Bit Thug has gathered all famous pro players, gaming content creators across India to come together for 2 days and create the biggest stream ever to raise funds for the fight of India against the coronavirus. Many famous streamers and players have teased about this event a few days ago with the hashtag #GamersStandWithIndia on their social media.

The goal of the stream is to reach an amount of Rs 2 lakh through donations from viewers. The event will be lasting for 2 days from 12 PM April 16 and April 17 onward on the Youtube channel of  8Bit Thug.

During those 2 days, viewers will get to experience all kinds of fun and entertainment from the top streamers in India. There will be up to more than 30 content creators, streamers, pro players joining the stream together, including MortaL, ScoutOP, CarryMinati, XYAA, TheRawKnee, Solly Singh, and many many more people.

There will be a total of more than 30 famous streamers, Youtubers, pro players in the event

Viewers are asked to donate as much as they can and all the money they can gather from the stream will be directly donated to the Prime Minister Cares fund for coronavirus.

This is a great initiative from the gaming community in India during a dire time like this. It will also give the gaming community in India a better image and show that we do care and have the responsibility for social problems.

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This event is a great opportunity to show that the gaming community does in India does care and help with social matters

The coronavirus outbreak in India is getting more and more serious every day as more than 12 thousand people have been infected along with a total of 424 deaths so far. Many celebrities are also doing their part to donate money and encourage their fans to stay home.