The world’s biggest PUBG Mobile tournament has finally ended with Bigetron RA from Indonesia taking the crown. Entity Gaming did pretty well in the tournament and ended with the fifth position, without any chicken dinners. SouL did not do so well, as they finished the tournament at the 12th position, the same as the previous split. Because of that, it looks like SouL is going to replace some players in its current lineup.

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Aman was originally a part of SouL Clan

According to a recent statement from Ghatak, leader of Entity Gaming, Aman, Entity Gaming’s entry fragger, is going to join SouL very soon. EntityAMAN, real name Aman Jain was once a part of SouL Clan some time ago. After leaving SouL, he joined team Velocity, and eventually Entity Gaming Shortly afterward. Aman has been a member of Entity for three months.

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Aman along with his friends in the clan

The announcement was made on Ghatak’s official YouTube channel, Ghatak Gaming, about 4 days ago. This confirms the rumors that Aman would be leaving for Soul after PMCO concludes. It is still unknown who AMAN would replace in team SouL, and no member of the team and even AMAN himself has confirmed this info. To watch Ghatak’s announcement about AMAN, please click on the video below:

Entity AMAN’s job is to be the fragger for Entity Gaming. His performance in the Regional Finals was amazing, with 33 kills scored after eighteen games. The guy was definitely a big part of Team Entity’s victory, leading the killboards. His playstyle is very aggressive, just like the team he is playing on. Overall, Entity Gaming priority getting more kill scores than anything else.

Ghatak mentioned that Entity Gaming has already found someone else to replace Aman’s position inside the team. More details would be announced soon. Interested in more of our PUBG Mobile news? Please check out this article for the conclusion of PMCO Fall Split.