According to statistics from the Abacus site, professional gamers have remuneration ranked second only to bankers and accountants. These are also the highest paid jobs in China. In addition, workers at online game companies earn an average of about 10,900 yuan (about US $ 1,548) per month, based on reports by China's leading recruitment platform Zhaopin.

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The Chinese gaming industry is thriving with multiple tournaments

Allen Zhu, a game lawyer from He & Partners Law Firm, said that Zhaopin's statistics are not a surprise to him. According to Zhu, many employees at game companies in China have an average salary of more than 10,000 yuan per month. Video game projects also provide good bonuses.

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More and more people are watching eSports in China

In a survey of employee income, ranked first are asset managers, investment bankers, and employees of stock trading companies with the highest paycheck standing at 12,286 yuan (US $ 1,737) per month.

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Invictus Gaming's LoL roster is one of the highest-paid in the industry

Those who work in the financial sectors such as mortgage brokers, auction houses, and pawnshops take second place when paying an average of 11,540 yuan ($ 1,632) per month. Although this is a slight decrease from the data from the previous quarter, online games still hold the most lucrative role in the Chinese technology industry.

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China is currently the largest game market in the world

The Chinese video game industry has experienced explosive growth in recent years. As the world's largest gaming market, the country is expected to generate about $ 36 billion in revenue this year alone. Luke Stapley, the marketing director of Cocos Technology, points out that not all employees in the game companies are paid generously. Most of the lower-level staff receive between 6,000 and 10,000 yuan per month. It also depends on the company's position in the gaming market. Small businesses can't afford to go all out as the tech giants such as Tencent.

Gaming can earn you thousands of dollars each month in China
Gaming can earn you thousands of dollars each month in China

Still, gaming is one of the most dynamic sectors in the Chinese economy. More and more young Chinese invest their time in playing games, training with the hope to turn professional with a salary of their dream. However, the competition in the market of 640 million gamers is fierce and constant. It acts as an incentive motivating not only the players to grow, but also online game companies to adapt and change accordingly.