Injuries coming from the intensive gaming sessions are something that gamers like us have realized for quite a long time. However, the professional healthcare system did not take those injuries seriously, as nobody thought that playing video games too much could cause serious health damage. But now, the leading doctors have to give out warnings that the intensive gaming sessions can certainly leave behind injuries that are as terrible as injuries from traditional sports.

Injuries from esports can be as bad as this

For quite a long time, people have taken for granted a stereotype that gamers do not do much besides sitting in front of a computer screen and furiously spamming the mice and the keyboards. So, it was hard for everyone to imagine any kinds of severe injuries coming from video games. But the number of top esports players reporting about their health problems has risen dramatically, and the level of severity of the injuries has gone far beyond the expectation of doctors.

Many professional doctors and physicians believe that this unusual increase does have some relationship with the increase of esports team among universities and colleges. There are more and more hospitalized cases where the patients have a lot of gaming-related health problems. That is why the top physicians are now demanding that pro gamers in universities and colleges have to have the same level of treatment as athletes in universities and colleges.

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Nobody can expect things to be this bad

This demand is really logical, considering the words from senior doctor Rohit Agarwal. This man is the senior doctor of accident and emergent situations, and he pointed out that health problems from video games is quite like health problems from regular sports.

Terrible pains in all parts of the body

Doctor Rohit Agarwal also told us a memorable case that he had to take care of himself to further clarify how dangerous it can be for anyone who plays video games too much.

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You should start having correct posture while using computer

No matter what you do, the things you do are surely dangerous once you do it too much. Video games are not exceptions, of course. But ten hours straight is just a normal practice session for a pro esports player, if they truly want to compete and win trophies. That explains why pro esports players are not messing around at all when it comes to their health.

The pro gamers Ryan Harran and Daniel Singh of Varsity eSports organization have just had an interview to talk about their health and how their health being affected once they chose the esports career path. These pro players said that although they could not play every day, a gaming session for them would last at least three to six hours. The mental exhaustion and eye strain are also inevitable consequences from the gaming sessions. Playing video games is a relaxation for us, but training to compete at esports tournaments is totally different.

Eye problems hit Ninja too

The British Journal of Medicine has just done research on 70 college esports pro players. These 70 pro players have training sessions every day, and the standard time for each session is about five to ten hours continuously. This research finds out that all of these 70 gamers are suffering from painful injuries in their hands, wrists, necks, and backs.

How to fix these problems

The first step to fix any kinds of problems is to local the true sources of problems. For now, we can divide the health problems coming from esports into two main categories: eye problems and body pains. For body pains, Doctor Hallie Zwibel believes that having an unhealthy posture during gaming sessions is the main cause. This doctor is working for the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine, and he has just published research about health issues of pro esports players.

But the pains in the necks, backs, and shoulders of pro players are not as dangerous as the eye problems. Playing video games means that your eyes are exposed to the blue light of electronic devices, and it can certainly make your eyes go dry and painful. Moreover, you have to process hundreds of actions for each minute of playing video games, and that does put another layer of work on your eyes.

The blue light from electronic devices is much more dangerous than you can possibly imagine because they can cause insomnia – hard to sleep phenomenon. That blue light can prevent the organic release of melatonin – the sleep hormone in our body. Although insomnia from blue light is not recognized as an official disease yet, the doctors (including Doctor Hallie Zwibel) have already been giving out warnings about this problem.

As there are more and more esports teams being form in universities and colleges (even high schools) nowadays, the doctors all agree that there have to be somewhat of an official organization to offer quality information and serious treatment for those pro esports players with health problems. And we have to treat those pro gamers with the same seriousness we have for traditional sports athletes since the health problems these two kinds of players have are quite the same as each other.