If you've never been into Japanese adult videos (JAV for short), you'll certainly change your ideas after reading these articles. Following the complication of the 10 Hottest 18+ Movie Actress In The World, let's find out who is the Hottest Japanese Adult Video Actresses of 2019!

You may have been calling them 'Japanese pornstars', but the industry has given them a more beloved name: AV Idols (Adult Video Idols). Mostly all AV Idols have incredibly hot figures and distinctive moaning sounds, which you won't see from their Western counterparts.

So, don't waste your time any longer. Let's check out the hottest JAV Actresses down here:

Mei Matsumoto

Date of Birth: 1993

Mei Matsumoto is a beautiful brunette-like JAV actress, who has many codenames on different websites. You can search for her contents with her name or the keywords here: Laura Matsumoto, Ran Nakazawa, May Matsumoto or Mai Matsumoto.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 1
You can find Mei Matsumoto with many other names on 18+ movie websites

Matsumoto is kind of an evocative AV Idols, who always comes up with plenty of naughty ideas inside her head. In her adult movies, she is very daring to make the first move to satisfy her demand. Apart from performing in JAV videos, this beautiful babe also holds numerous Japanese xxx shows, which gets her a huge fanbase.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 2
If you love daring girls, Mei Matsumoto is the perfect candidate for you!

Reiko Kobayakawa

Date of Birth: 1982

Unlike the young sexy look from Mei Matsumoto, Reiko Kobayakawa will satisfy your wettest dreams of a MILF teaching you everything about intimating activities. The 37-year-old JAV actress has been working for the adult movie industry since 2012, and still maintains her position as one of the hottest JAV babes until now.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 3
Reiko Kobayakawa is one of the hottest Japanese MILF in the industry

With voluptuous bodies and smooth silk-like skin, Reiko Kobayakawa definitely know how to seduce men. Furthermore, no one can resist her alluring charms, as her bottoms are also very juicy as well. She is probably blessed by a sex-goddess!

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 4
You can find her content in many porn sites

Miho Ichiki

Date of Birth: 1992

Miho Ichiki might be young, but her experience of dealing with men is far more than your expectations. Started filming in 2011, Miho has been seducing men with her masterly making-love skills for 8 years, and she hasn't dropped her mood for naughty scenes even until now.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 5
Miho Ichiki always keeps her spirit high in her adult videos

She's best known for her BJ prowess, using both her skillful hands and curvy tops. Furthermore, her moan is very addictive, which will probably make you stay loyal to her content for several days.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 6
Miho Ichiki's visuals, bodies, and moan sounds are very addictive

Yui Hatano

Date of Birth: 1988

Those names are beginning to be more familiar, right? Yui Hatano has always been the apple of many people's eyes, as she posed her very own attractiveness. Her body is not as curvy as many AV Idols, and but her acting skills and facial expressions have captured many men's souls.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 7
Yui Hatano is a must-know name when it comes to AV idols!

Another fun fact about Yui Hatano is that she's a real gaming aficionado! She has revealed that she's fond of many genres of game, from RPG to card-based deck-building games. So, if you're lucky, you might come across her while playing your favorite titles. If you do, don't forget to ask for a 'favor'!

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 8
You might become her lucky man one day through video games!

Julia Boin

Date of Birth: 1987

Her name speaks for herself, as Julia Boin has a huge pair of boobs that will go 'boin boin' with every strike. Julia Boin, also known with many other names lich Julia Oppai (boobs), Julia Clap and Julia Kyoka is one of the bustiest Asian adult movie stars with her J-cup chest.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 10
Julia Boin captures men's soul with her J-cup chest

Before starting filming JAV, she used to work as a nurse. Maybe her past has influenced her, making her roles in her movies are mostly the 'caring' type. With her dedication to the industry, Julia has been nominated for many awards but has never won one.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 9
The look on her face already tells that she's a 'caring' person!

Sora Aoi

Date of Birth: 1983

The next one in this list is the old-but-gold name that we have all searched for on major porn sites. Sora Aoi is a veteran in the industry both in Japan and overseas, winning many awards as an AV idol and gained a lot of fans for her bare-it-all acting. She has started her adult movie career in 2002 at the age of 18.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 11
Sora Aoi owns such an ethereal beauty

When she's not acting for adult videos, Sora also worked as a nude model for many magazines as well. Lately, she has stepped down from the industry, and start to star more in mainstream TV shows. Now, the media outlets in Japan don't call her a 'porn actress' anymore, but a 'sexy actress'. But in our mind, we only want to call her Sora Aoi!

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 12
Sora Aoi is now a popular actress in mainstream media

Anri Okita

Date of Birth: 1986

While other JAV actresses on this list have somewhat 'mundane' looks while filming for X-rated movies, Anri Okita is different. She always manages to maintain an elegant and beautiful face, which makes fans can't help seeing her actions again and again. Adding the cherry on top, Anri also owns a voluptuous body as well!

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 13
Anri Okita looks gorgeous even when filming X-rated scenes

Many AV idols have been actively interacting with fans on social media, and among them, Anri Okita is the most famous one. Her Instagram account has nearly a million followers at the time of writing this, on which she has posted more than 1,700 pictures of herself. Feel free to follow her at @anri_okita!

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 14
She always keeps fans updated with her blood-taking photos!

Ayumi Shinoda

Date of Birth: 1985

In every top-ten Japanese MILF list, Ayumi Shinoda has no difficulties striking a spot in the upper part. This smokingly hot JAV actress is known as one of the best nudity performers, and her intimating skills in role-play movies and shows are out of this world.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 16
Being a maid is only one of many roles that Ayumi has performed well!

Not having god-like visuals or a deadly-curvy body, Ayumi strikes with her power, skills, and expressions of a true sex-goddess. With those assets, she can do well in every role of every movie she takes part in. If you don't trust me, go look for some of her footages, and you won't be able to get out!

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 15
She's very famous for her realistic acting skills

Azumi Mizushima

Date of Birth: 1988

Even though she's at her 30s age now, Azumi Mizushima's face still remaining timeless. And not only her face, her curvy 33D-sized chest and thick asses also contribute to her men-alluring combo.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 18
Azumi Mizushima still maintain her deadly bodies even at her 30s age

Azumi Mizushima is mostly known for her public transport-themed adult movies, and you can find many of them on free adult movie sites.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 17
Her visuals are no joke!

Hamasaki Mao

Date of Birth: 1993

Concluding our list is Hamasaki Mao - the young but fatal JAV actress who lives in men's lustiest dreams. Her beauty was ethereal, with giant bubbly eyes, beautiful face, and voluptuous bodies. A true sex-goddess in the form of a human, I must say.

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 19
Hamasaki Mao knows how to tease men with her amazing assets

Her most outstanding movie is when she acted as the only girl in an All-Boys school. As her boobs start to grow, other students have found out her true gender, and start forcing her to do every dirty thing. Finally, her teacher showed up as a hero, and it's time for her to repay him...

10 Hottest Jav Actresses 2019 20
She has a tomboy-look that might trick men, but her breast can't lie!

I don't want to get really deep into it, so you should find and see for yourself!


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