It has been quite a long time since the last time we saw our beloved star, Parvati Nair, on the big screens. Her last movie was Neerali, and it was in 2018. Since then, our Bollywood star features in the TV series Vella Raja, but this TV series ended in 2018 too. She almost has not shown up in the public in 2019, until the end of the year, when Bollywood movie Aalambana being introduced. The exact release date of this Bollywood movie has not been announced, but the newest photoshoot of Parvati Nair may indicate that Aalambana is not far away.

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The pictures from the new photoshoot of Parvati Nair

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Aalambana will be a film about a very familiar character: Genie. The director of Aalambana will be directed by Pari K Vijay, and he has revealed that the Genie character in his next movie will be played by Munishkanth. This movie will not be like any other Genie movie before, as Pari K Vijay intends to keep Genie as the only familiar feature of Aalambana, all other Genie-related things will be changed. So far, we only know that Aalambana will be hitting the big screen in this year 2020, so this new photoshoot by Parvati Nair is probably the sign that the movie is close.

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The pictures from the new photoshoot of Parvatii Nair

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Hopefully that Parvati Nair can feel truly satisfied with the script of Aalambana because, in her most recent interview, our Bollywood actress said that she only wanted to work with great teams and great scripts. Our star feels no hesitation to wait for the best script or the best team, as she believes that she deserves more as an actress. Time will tell whether she is correct about herself or not, but considering the lack of information we have about Aalambana, we suspect that Parvati Nair and the cast have worked extremely hard with director Pari K Vijay in secret so that they can offer us the best movie.

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We want to say that we are ready for the next Genie movie

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