The female Twitch streamer Corinna Kopf was unjustly banned on her birthday. This streamer wore an expensive Channel tank top on her stream and got a sudden ban because it “looks like underwear”. What a joke!

Sudden Ban for Unlucky Streamer

As we all know, live-stream platforms are getting stricter to “sensitive contents” on streams. Streamers can get banned if the audiences report their video or administrator evaluate their content as “sensitive”. Even the most popular streaming accounts will be locked down if they commit the regulation. However, this rule is so strict and rigid that it drives many streamers and even viewers crazy.

Corinna Kopf Accuses Twitch Of Wrong Ban
Corinna Kopf Accuses Twitch Of the Wrong Ban

Recently, a popular model and streamer Corina Kopf got into such an annoying problem. She got banned on her birthday stream. It’s because Twitch thinks that the streamer showed a lot of cleavage on the mainstream. But in fact, Corina Kopf wore an expensive tank top of Channel brand. It was a wrong ban for the unlucky girl from Twitch.

Corina’s Response to The Ban

The female streamer expressed her anger to the sudden ban she got from Twitch. She shared she got banned because Twitch thought her Channel tank top she wore on stream was “underwear”. She added it was so funny when other female streamers were not blocked when streaming with ‘body paint’. It seems that the wrong ban makes Corina feel unjustified and get angry.

Corinna Kopf And Fans Are Unhappy With Twitch
Corinna Kopf And Her Fans Are Unhappy With Twitch

Corina Kopf wore a sexy outfit on stream but it’s not too erotic to deserve a ban. However, Corina received a “big surprise” on her birthday from Twitch.

Corina Kopf is one of the top streamers on Twitch now with about 400,000 followers. She also has 3.3 million followers on Instagram and nearly a million fans on Twitter. This female streamer attracts a lot of audiences whenever she goes on live-stream thanks to her charming beauty.