The four famous Korean supermodels who have been previously seen their Twitch account being banned have just had their account being unbanned. These hot and sex Korean supermodels were previously banned away from the biggest streaming platform on earth due to their sexy and attractive livestream by the swimming pool.

On August 18, four Korean supermodels - ‘addielyn9’, ‘sooflower’, ‘chobiman0125’ and ‘damicos’ had a sexy livestream by the pool on the “Just Chatting” section of Twitch. On that livestream, four Korean supermodels put on sexy bikini outfits, playing by the pool and answering the questions for the viewers. At the peak time, this streaming has gathered nearly 29,000 concurrent views, becoming the most viewed livestreaming in the “Just Chatting” section of Twitch at that moment. But then all the accounts of those four Korean supermodels were banned.

Although we all have to agree that livestream was super suggestive, the decision to ban all four Korean supermodels was a hard one. All viewers pointed out that these Korean supermodels still got all bikini on, which is still within the rules of the streaming platform.

So that is why Twitch has decided to shorten the duration of the bans for these Korean supermodels. As soon as their Twitch accounts are back online, these four Korean supermodels have gained a lot of followers and subscribers on the streaming platform. Sooflower's Twitch channel now has gathered more than 50,000 followers. She has been gathering more than 31,000 followers after the pool livestream. 19,000 before the controversial stream.

We will see what these Korean supermodels have to offer the viewers. But no matter what they do, they still have to stay under the rules of the streaming platform.