Social media platforms usually have to work 24/7 to meet the needs of the users, so with only a few moments of an outage, the service might get some unhappy reactions from the user. Previously, the PlayStation Network of Sony has been down and yet to be back to work. Following that incident, yesterday, the leading social media platform Instagram was reported to stop functioning by hundreds of users from all over the world.

Instagram Service Down
People all across the world could not access to this social media

As reported by Down Detector, this social media began to experience shutdown problems at about 2:30 PM on June 13, and since, numerous users couldn't have access to the social networking service. After the outage, this social media has posted a tweet to announce that the company is working to fix the problem and bring the service back again: "We're aware that some people are having trouble accessing their Instagram accounts. We're working quickly to fix the issue."

For some influencers online and celebrities who depend on the networking service to earn livings, this outage has undoubtedly caused some dissatisfaction with this social media from its users. Mario Selman, a known YouTuber, who was going to broadcast on Instagram Live when the downtime happened, said "lol Instagram you just HAD to go down right when I wanna go live. it's fine. IDC."

One more YouTuber commenting on the outage was Antonio Garza, who seemed to be more humorous about the case with a joke saying, "Instagram likes to die and shut down every few weeks to remind us that we r trash and we need to get a life." It appeared that the app has been down so often that the users are getting used to such occasional downtime.

Luckily, this social media network got back alive a few moments afterward, but the incident caused some problems anyway.