The director Mohit Suri and the production company T-series has launched the new trailer of the revenge-thriller movie Malang on January 6th, and it looks hella dopes! Viewers are getting goosebumps for not only the splendid visuals of the movie but also the intriguing and promising story of the movies as well.

However, this new trailer of Malang has more attractive things to the viewers than its fantastic fighting scenes or Disha Patani showing off her glamorous bikini bodies on the beach. Twitter users are going wild after the trailer officially came out after an hour, and most of them are meme-ing around the words of the lead actor Aditya Roy Kapur: "Yeh raat itni jaldi khatam nahi hogi, abhi bohot kuch hone ko baaki hai."

So, let's have a look with Gurugamer at the complication of the best memes around the sayings. But before that, we invited you to have a glimpse at this amazing trailer first:

Briefly about Malang

'Malang' (roughly translated into 'Vagrant' in English) is the 2020 Bollywood movie from the director Mohit Suri. Its story follows the life of four distinctive characters, each holding their own definition of taking ones' lives with their life.

To be more specific, Aditya Roy Kapur's character thinks killing is a drug, while it's the nature of Anil Kapoor's characters, the necessity for Kunal Kemmu's. Disha's perception on killing, well, you'll have to watch until the end to find out (spoiler alert: she finds it fun).

Malang Trailer Memes 5
Disha Patani looks smoking hot with her bikini!

The three male leading characters are the killers, but each of them has their own purposes with the job. Somehow on their path, their purposes conflict with the other, leading to bloody revenge actions with a lot of blood, bone-breaking and shooting as well. We also saw the love story between Aditya and Disha, in which they enjoy every moment of their youth playing water sports and other daredevil activities.

However, we still haven't known about who the wild love between the two will end up yet, as well as the incident that leads to the conflicts between the three killers. Hence, we will have to find out how the character "Unleash The Madness" after the movie hits the box office.

Malang Trailer Memes 6
Malang features all-star casts

A trailer turning into memes

The creativity of the netizens are just endless, and Aditya Roy Kapur's dialogue "Yeh raat itni jaldi khatam nahi hogi, abhi bohot kuch hone ko baaki hai" ("This night isn't going to end so soon, there is a lot yet to happen") has triggered it. The results are the endless hilarious memes on Twitter, from waiting for your crush to reply to your fate when your parents caught you beat your siblings.

Below is the complication of the best ones among them:

Malang Trailer Memes 1
When you're supposed to leave the office, but your boss doesn't like that. Cre: @Nikhil

And then it turns into a tragic love story:

Malang Trailer Memes 2
When you asked your crush out and waiting for her answer. Cre: @Bollywood Era

The quote "Tonight is going to be one of the darkest night" also receive memes as well, such as when your parent caught you loving your lover on your phone:

Malang Trailer Memes 3
You'd better wait for your parents to sleep. Cre: @Suraj Singh

When asked about the trending memes on Twitter, the female protagonist actor Disha Patani said that she enjoyed them a lot. She's delightful at the fact that those memes do not only make people laugh and happy, but also spread her movie to a broader public as well. "It's better to be talked about than not talked about" - said Aditya Roy Kapur.

Malang Trailer Memes 7
Disha Patani enjoys seeing the memes surrounding her upcoming movie

Malang will strike Indian cinemas on February 7, and don't forget to book your tickets!