It was revealed just now by China’s National Health Commission that over 1700 healthcare workers in China have been infected by the virus while treating the patients. About 90% of them were from Hubei, the region surrounding Wuhan.

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It takes up to three people to work on a patient - and if the medical workers are sick themselves, there would not be anyone else with the training to help

Overall, health care workers faced extreme risks of getting infected themselves during major outbreaks of new diseases, with the prime example being the SARS epidemic that ravages China from 2002 to 2003. In Wuhan 2019, however, the risk was more or less heightened by the general shortage of both personnel and resources to deal with a large number of patients. The Chinese Government’s initial hiding of the real numbers also makes it worse.

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China's supreme leader on an online visit to a hospital

A lot of patients, especially the infected medical personnel, were instructed to go under self-quarantine at home because all hospitals are already filled to the brim. The government of Wuhan also acknowledged that various shortages of medical tools and supplies, such as protective suits, goggles, and N95 respiratory masks. Hospitals all across the region have been pleading for assistance on social media and asking for donations of protective gear, which are essential in preventing the doctors from catching the virus themselves.

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Extreme caution is needed when dealing with this virus

The fact that doctors and medical operators getting infected are actually worse, as, without their expertise, there would not be enough people on the frontline to help the patients. After the Chinese changed the calculation formula, the number of infected has risen dramatically to over sixty-five thousand, with 1400 dead. The real numbers are expected to be even worse, as the virus has a two-week hibernation period.