Streaming has been developing steadily in India for some time now, with streaming platform Dekkho managed to raise 1.2 million dollars from investors in 2016. The fact that people are investing in this service means that there is a space in the entertainment market that a streaming platform could definitely fill.

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Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, promised to pour $3 billion more into Amazon India

Now that the market is primed for the taking, every major streaming companies are going in, looking for their own cut on the action in India.

Firstly, let's talk about the usual Movie and show streamers:

India, with a huge English-speaking population, is a big consumer of films. This allows large brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime to come right in with their services without having to create region-specific content. Even the newly created Disney Plus is also working overtime to penetrate the 5 billion dollars Indian streaming market.

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Netflix originals in India

The source of this growth in streaming consumption is Reliance Jio’s new network service in 2016, with cheap data available to millions of Indians. The country has risen to the top of the world in data usage in mobile – and the rate of consumption is going to grow even more in the next four years.

Netflix is probably the fastest foreign company to claim the Indian market at the moment, as they have been cutting their subscription cost in half, along with 24 films and 16 original series on the making.

Gaming stream is also a hot topic:

While streaming game itself like Stadia is still a distant dream, streaming gameplay sessions and Esports is pretty much thriving in India. The technology has made Esports and video games, in general, more popular than ever. Various organizations like Nodwin Gaming and AFK Gaming have even become dedicated gaming providers.

Various gamers have gained regional and even international fame by streaming video games in India. The most popular streamer names might be SouL Mortal and Dynamo. The former, Mortal, is part of the famous PUBG Soul Clan, who has participated as India's representative in a global tournament.

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Mortal is now one of the most popular game streamers in India with an average of 40.000 concurrent viewers per livestream

His Youtube channel currently has over four million subscribers, with over one million watches per video. The latter, Dynamo, despite not being a pro player, is also pretty famous as well. The guy has been accumulating almost 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos get fewer views, however, with about 500k to 1 mil for each.

Overall, game streaming has become one of the most trending ways to make money for young aspiring streamers in India. Nearly everyone and their mother are uploading YouTube highlights of PUBG Mobile and other games. It is projected that the trend would continue to grow in the future.

Music streaming is also taking off as well:

Gaana is taking off in the music stream section

Bharti Airtel Limited jumped into the music video sector less than a year ago, in April 2019, with a new music streaming app called WynkTube. This app allowed users to stream music videos and audio of the popular tracks. After just a short period of time, the audience of India’s music streaming service has eclipsed 200 million – with Gaana itself cover more than half of that number.

Overall, the advent of smartphones and the willingness to burn mobile data has turned India into the prime market for every streaming service. Expect even more new players to appear in the future.