While adults movies always rotating around 'that concept', what makes them really stand out are the actors and the actresses. And if you find yourself as a veteran, and can't find new content on porn sites anymore, here's the guideline for you.

Below are the 10 most gorgeous adult movie actresses that you should give a look at. Any longer introduction is unnecessary, as we can dive into their beauty right now:

10. Leah Gotti

Age: 22

Nationality: American

Starting this list is a young actress but having the body and facial expressions of a true star. Leah Gotti is an American adult movie actress with 4 years of experience now. She made her debut into the P-town with her first intimidating movie for in 2015.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 1
Leah Gotti is the first one in our list

Her past of a captain of the wrestling team has given the green-eyed actress an extremely beautiful and healthy body. Her favorite sex position is reverse cowgirl, and you can find it in her 'arsenal' containing more than 70 movies. Leah's face is available on many huge adult websites, and you can simply find her movies everywhere.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 2
You can find her movies in mostly all major sites

9. Lana Rhoades

Age: 23

Nationality: American

Even though Lana Rhoades doesn't have rich experiences in the pornographic industry like Leah Gotti, this newcomer's talent has been widely recognized. Specifically, she has just started her career in 2016 with a hardcore one but has gained various awards for her acting skills through over 60 porn movies.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 3
Lana Rhoades might be younger, but she has gained a lot of success

In rewards for her daring acting skills and deadly hot body, Lana Rhoades has won the award of the Hottest Newcomer and the Best New Starlet. These awards were given to her by AVN and XBIX.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 4
She has starred in over 60 movies at this moment

8. Rilee Marks

Age: 28

Nationality: American

American 18+ movie actresses have something that we can't resist, and Rilee Marks is definitely one of them. Starting her career since she was 19 years old, the actress has worked for the grown-up industry for over 6 years now. She has retired in 2016, which is a great loss for us.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 5
Rilee Marks has stepped down from her adult movie actress career

This beautiful brown-eyed babe showing her appealing factors through over 55 productions, which vary from many genres. Rilee Marks is especially good at hardcore movies, in which her go solo, lesbian and normal boy-on-girl scenes as well.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 6
She acts her best when it comes to hardcore movies

Unfortunately, we can't have new movies with Rilee staring for now, but maybe she might come back in the future. And even stronger than before!

7. Natasha Malkova

Age: 28

Nationality: American

If you have a weak spot for curvy yet slender beautiful actresses, Natasha Malkova is promised to be your new frequently searched keyword. This hot brunette has started her acting career in the adult industry since 2012. Staring with a hardcore movie, she has stared in nearly 20 other productions until now.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 7
Natasha Malkova has slim but curvy figures

Furthermore, Natasha has also cast for many famous pornographic sites, including Twistys and Digital Desire. She has different codenames in those porn sites, including Jade Couture, Laleh and Roxy Lotus, which you could try if you can't find her face.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 8
She has various codenames on different sites

6. Sasha Grey

Age: 31

Nationality: American

Sasha Grey is a very special one - even after quitting the grown-up film industry, she still managed to become successful at many other roles: actress, musician, author and model. However, that cannot outshine her glorious past of the hardcore porn queen!

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 9
Sasha Grey is a multi-talented actress

She has started acting in hardcore adult movies at her young age, and leaving behind 328 productions after she retired. With her rich experiences, extraordinary facial expression and stunningly hot figures, she has won many awards in her pornography career. The most noticeable one of them is the Female Performer of the Year, rewarded by AVN in 2008.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 10
Her body and facial expressions drive men crazy!

5. Sunny Leone

Age: 38

Nationality: Indian

In a list full of Americans, Sunny Leone still has no difficulties striking a firm position. The Indian Queen has always been one of the most-searched-for in India and all over the world. She has made her debut in the adult movie industry since 2005, but decide to retire for joining Bollywood.

Sunny Leone Who Is Shanti Dynamite 2
Sunny Leone is an ex-porn star who is now successful in Bollywood

There's nothing much to say about Sunny anymore, as all of us have admired her beautiful visuals, smokingly sexy body and rich facial expressions. It's not exaggerated to say that she was born an actress, and we're extremely lucky to see her opt for the 18+ industry.

Sunny Leone Who Is Shanti Dynamite 3
It's very lucky for us to see her act in adult movies

4. Veronica Vain

Age: 28

Nationality: American

The remaining actresses on this list are very hard to decide, as they're all gorgeous and have their own appealing sides. Veronica Vain might stand in the #4 spot, but her beauty is very close to the latter actresses. She has retired from the industry, and become a Youtube vlogger now.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 11
Veronica Vain is a Youtube vlogger now

The American beauty-with-brain was born in 1991, and started her acting career for adult movies since 2014 with her first movie 'Screwing Wall Street: The Arrangement Finders Play'. From that moment, she quickly became the highest-demand actress in the industry, with her curvy bodyline and angelic face.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 11 1
She has turned away from her Wall Street career to star in adult videos

Veronica Vain's movies are very popular on major porn sites, including Brazzers, Digital Playground, Reality Angel, etc. With over 37 movies under her credit, she has harnessed a tons of viewers and fans. To be more specific, just on Pornhub alone, her movies scored over 22 million views as of August 2017.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 12 1
She has gained 22 million views on her videos until August 2017

3. Natalia Starr

Age: 25

Nationality: American

Natalia Starr is an extremely sexy bombshell, which has a lot of movies under her credit. To be more specific, the blonde actress has begun her 18+ movie career in August 2012 - when she was 19 years old. At her young age, her power seems endless, as she has starred in over 184 pornographic movies up until now.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 13
Natalia Starr seems never tired of acting in 18+ movies

Many people acknowledge her name after she shined in Pet of the Month in July 2013 edition of Penthouse. With her dedication to the industry, Natalia has received a nomination for the Best New Starlet in 2014 from XBIX Award.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 14
Her beauty is kind of cold but stunning!

2. Stoya

Age: 33

Nationality: American

Stoya is not only good at acting in adult movies but she's also good at filming those herself as well. To be more specific, she used to film 18+ movies for her friends, which later inspired her to become an adult film actress herself.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 15
Stoya used to record adult movies for her friends, but soon turned into the performer herself

Later, the porcelain-skin actress has starred in more than 66 movies as the performer, and two different ones as the director. You can find her movie on many famous sites such as Digital Playground, Pornhub and many more. She has ended her acting career and is focusing on directing now.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 16
66 movies are more than enough for us to grind!

1. Lily Carter

Age: 1988

Nationality: American

Lily Carter definitely stands firm on the top spot of our list of the 10 most gorgeous 18+ movie actresses.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 17
The only thing I can say about Lily Carter's beauty is "out of this world"!

The American beauty has started her adult movie acting career in 2010, and has cooperated with many major studios such as Reality Kings, Brazzers and Naughty America. Her contributions have given her many awards in 2012 and 2013, including the 2013 AVN Award for the Best Actress and XBIZ Award for the Best Actress in the same year.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous 18 Movie Actresses 18
The peek of her adult movie actress career was around 2012-2013