Launched in 2017 by ByteDance, TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short clips with others. It has taken the world by storm since its release and is currently one of the most downloaded apps on the internet.

The nature of TikTok makes it a great platform for content creators to thrive. Many people are earning massive fame and financial success with it. Below we have summed up a list of the 10 most popular TikTok stars in India based on their follower count. Let’s have a look:

Mr Faisu – 23 Million Followers

Mr Faisu
Mr Faisu has been banned from TikTok due to controversies

Mr Faisu – whose real name is Shaikh Mudassir Faisal – is definitely one of the first names people think of whenever TikTok stars are mentioned. He previously enjoyed a massive follower base of 23 million fans on the platform and has also extended his popularity to other social media channels as well. For example, his Instagram account has over 9.4 million followers at the time of this writing. However, he was banned from TikTok in July 2019 due to some controversies after he posted a video to speak up against the case of Tabrez Ansari. Ansari was a Muslim who was lynched to death by a mob in Jharkhand, India.

Riyaz Aly – 26.6 Million Followers

Riyaz 14
Riyaz Aly's hairstyle has been copied by many of his fans

16-year-own Riyaz Aly, also known as Riyaz Alfreen, is another big name with 26.6 million TikTok followers. While he is residing in Bhutan at the moment, the teenager is Indian by nationality. Popular for his humor, dancing, and lip-sync videos, he is the fastest TikTok user to cross the 10 million and 20 million followers milestones. Fun fact: His hairstyle has been copied by many of his followers, effectively creating a trend.

Nisha Guragain – 21.7 Million Followers

Nisha Guragain
Nisha Guragain is nicknamed "Angel Nishu" by fans

Born in 1997 in Mumbai, India, Nisha Guragain – or Angel Nishu as many call her – is mostly famous for her lip-sync and expression videos on famous topics. Her TikTok account now has a sizeable follower base of 21.7 million. She recently made an appearance in 2 Punjabi songs: Jatta Ve Jatta and Na Ladeya Kar.

Awez Darbar – 21.1 Million Followers

All You Need To Know About Tiktok Star Awez Darbar
Awez Darbar is an accomplished dancer and choreographer

Ace Production’s Founder and Director Awez Darbar is a renowned dancer and choreographer, so it comes as no surprise that he has a whopping 21.1 million following him on TikTok. Besides that, he has a YouTube channel where he posts dance videos for people to enjoy. That channel has over 1.8 million subscribers right now. Meanwhile, Awez’s Instagram account also has 3 million followers.

Arishfa Khan – 20.7 Million Followers

Arishfa Khan
Besides TikTok, Arishfa Khan also has a YouTube channel dedicated to fashion and beauty

Arishfa Khan first made a name for herself as a television actress who first appeared in the 2012 series Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera. She now has 20.7 Million followers on TikTok.

Arishfa also owns a YouTube channel that she uses to share tips with fans on fashion and beauty. On top of that, she has collaborated with several popular brands to make music videos. Her song Yaara has reached over 136 million views on Youtube.

Jannat Zubair – 20.3 Million Followers

Jannat Zubair
Jannat Zubair is an actress that has won many awards in her career

Hailing from Mumbai, the 17-year-old Jannat Zubair is yet another TikTok celebrity that started out as an actress. She began her career in 2009, but it was not until 2011 that she gained recognition with the TV series Phulwa – which earned her the Indian Telly Awards for Best Child Actor. In 2018, she also won the Gold Award for Best Debut of the Year for her role in the musical drama TV show Tu Aashiqui.

Today, Jannat’s TikTok account has 20.3 million followers. However, the actress is not very active on the platform at the moment as she has been encountering problems with it. In September 2019, she posted an entry to express her displeasure at the fact that TikTok had apparently been limiting her reach, view, and follower counts.

Avneet Kaur – 18.1 million followers

Tiktok Star Avneet Kaur Is A True Fashion Icon Her
The cute Avneet Kaur from Dance India Dance 2010 is now all grown up

Almost a decade has passed since we got to see Avneet Kaur’s adorable performance on the stage of Dance India Dance Li’l Masters 2010, and now, the little girl from back then has become a full grown woman of many talents. Today, she is a popular actress, dancer, fashion influencer, writer, YouTuber, and TikTok influencer in India. She has 18.1 million and 8.4 million followers on TikTok and Instagram respectively.

Avneet made a Bollywood debut in 2014 with the action movie Mardaani and has also appeared in many reality shows and TV series. For the moment, she is starring next to Siddarth Nigam in SAB TV series Aladdin.

Garima Chaurasia – 17.0 Million Followers

Garima Chaurasia
Garima "Gima Ashi" Chaurasia shot to stardom pretty much overnight

Unlike the 3 girls mentioned above, Garima Chaurasia was relatively unknown when she first got into TikTok. However, she and her friend Rugeesvini shot to stardom pretty much overnight when they made a video together on Emiway Bantai’s Machayenge Song. This video went viral on basically every social media platform, earning them tons of recognition.

Since then, Garima has had several more hit songs on YouTube, including the Punjabi song Mashallah that attracted 18 million views and the more recent song Tattoo which also received 16 million views.

Garima is more often known under her nickname Gima Ashi. She currently enjoys a follower base of 17 million on TikTok.

Sameeksha Sud – 16.2 Million Followers

Sameeksha Sud5
Sameeksha Sud has appeared in many TV shows

Sameeksha Sud is a TV actress/professional model who originates from Maharastra, Mumbai. She first made her acting debut in 2012 with SAB TV’s Kid Show Balveer. Since then, she has participated in many TV shows, both in the lead role and the supporting role. Her dance and lip-sync videos are extremely popular on TikTok and they have earned her 16.2 million followers.

Lucky Dancer – 14.3 Million Followers

Lucky Dancer
Lucky Dancer is rumored to be dating Arishfa Khan

In real life, Arhan Khan is an 18-year-old guy from New Delhi. On TikTok, though, he is the renowned Lucky Dancer that is followed by 14.3 Million fans. Like many others, he is known for his lip-sync and dance videos. His video with the popular model and actress Arishfa Khan is well-loved by fans and there are rumors that the two are dating. Aside from that, he has also worked with other content creators such as Gima Ashi and Mrunal Panchal on multiple occasions.