Urvashi Rautela is not only famous for her beauty and talent that brought her to Miss Universe 2015 as an Indian representative but also for her copy-pasted tweet. The actress/model seems to be very lazy with her content-producing for her Twitter account, and that could not hide from the sharp eyes of the netizens.

Urvashi Rautela Copy Paste 3
Urvashi Rautela seems to be unaware of the repost feature of Twitter

Recently, Urvashi Rautela has posted a tweet regarding the accident involving the legendary actress Shabana Azmi. However, netizens need almost no time to find out that this is a complete word-by-word copy-pasted version of another tweet on Twitter, and immediately trolled her for her laziness.

You can see all of the details below:

Urvashi Rautela copy-pasted a Tweet on Shabana Azmi accident

Actress Urvashi Rautela is facing the trolling waves from the netizens again after her recent tweet. To be more specific, the leading actor of Pagalpanti wants to express her condolences for the Bollywood legends Shabana Azmi, who has just suffered from a severe car accident. However, we didn't know that it was her being busy or lazy, that Urvashi has copy-pasted the tweet from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

You can see Urvashi tweet below:

Urvashi Rautela Copy Paste 1
The tweet from Urvashi Rautela

Of course, the users of Twitter didn't need long to figure out that Urvashi's tweet is completely identical to Mr. Modi's tweet, and they also immediately turned it into a joke. The fun fact is that PM Modi's tweet has just gone online for several hours, and its replica immediately appeared.

Urvashi Rautela Copy Paste 2
Narendra Modi's tweet is only several hours sooner than Urvashi's

In fact, Twitter has a lot of tools for its users to repost one's post with full credit to the original maker. However, it seems that the 25-year-old actress/model hasn't learned anything from her previous incident, and still keeps her habit of copy-pasting other's tweet.

The reactions from netizens

The previous case is that some big media outlets in India have criticized the famous Bollywood producer/director Boney Kapoor for touching the sensitive part of Urvashi Rautela. However, Deepika Padukone has risen to stand for the producer, and criticized the news portal for relating this incident with women's power for no reason. Later, Urvashi Rautela also tweeted about this case, but it's completely similar to what Deepika has posted.

Urvashi Rautela Copy Paste 6
The controversial events between the producer Boney Kapoor and Urvashi Rautela

However, this case is much more serious, since it raised the question about the Miss Universe 2015 candidate's sincerity. You'd rather not send any condolence at all, or send it with all of your heart. This half-hearted message from Urvashi is definitely favorable in netizen's eyes, and it must be very kind that she still didn't get many hatred comments on her tweet.

Urvashi Rautela Copy Paste 4
The beauty luckily didn't have to face harsh criticism this time

People only mocking the actress for her lack of tech norms knowledge with no offense. Some hilariously said that Urvashi Rautela is the computer wizard who knows how to use the magical combination of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Well, at least that was her true feelings toward Shabana Azmi matters!

Urvashi Rautela Copy Paste 7
What a computer magician Urvashi is

On another story, last weekend, media outlets have reported that the 69-year-old Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi has encountered a serious car accident on her highway from Khandala to Mumbai. Her car ran into a truck, and the star was immediately taken to the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Mumbai.

Urvashi Rautela Copy Paste 8
Luckily, her situation is stabilized in the hospital

Fortunately, it's reported that the actress's situation is quite positive, and she's currently recovering in the ICU. We wish the best for Shabana, and hope that she will be able to come back to her regular life very soon!