Along with the growing development of the Internet, YouTuber and streamer have become two hot jobs of a large amount of the network community. Accordingly, modern content has got more complicated than it was.

Youtuber Challenge
NerdBallerTV started the challenge Take Shirt Off for $100.

People no longer stay at home and have fun with the PC all day. Instead, many YouTubers tend to make lifestyle videos with interesting challenges that are allegedly easy to earn more views. However, there have been lots of controversies about such challenges. The incident of YouTuber NerdBallerTV as below is a typical example.

Did the girl accept the challenge or not?

Although his YouTube account has drawn more than 6 lakh subscribers, NerdBallerTV has come under heavy fire by his own fans. Accordingly, this YouTuber gave a weird challenge as follows: while wandering on the streets, he would ask girls whether they were willing to make $100 by taking her shirt off in front of the camera and boast about their breast or not. NerdBallerTV said he wanted to make a survey of modern girls’ thinking. However, he can’t seemingly foresee the audacity of the participants.

Challenge Take Shirt Off
For this girl, the answer was 'Yesss'.

It may be due to the place the YouTuber choose to start the challenge - near a bar where a large amount of the participants had big fun. That’s why lots of the girls were willing to earn $100 ‘easily’ by taking their shirts off in front of the camera.

Youtuber Censored
Let's take $100 right now!

However, the YouTuber later revealed that he just used fake money for the challenge. Now, you must know why he has come under heavy fire from the netizens.

Accordingly, many comments also pointed out that his video content was bullshit, just aimed at earning views and likes from the sensational tricks. That’s not enough. What he did was even considered as a hoax if he actually used fake money.