Badland is a mobile game series that has received a lot of praise from players. Now, the company behind the series, Frogmind, has officially released Badland Brawl. This is a strategy-PvP game that takes place in the Badland universe.

In Badland Brawl, you and your opponent each control a tower on 2 opposite sides of the screen. The two towers has a bridge in-between to connect them. The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s tower while defending your own. To achieve this goal, you must sling units at your opponent. It is similar to the same way you would sling birds in Angry Birds games.

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There are many different kinds of units, ranging from characters in the universe of Badland to just weapons like arrows or bombs. Some units can synergize with others for greater effect. For example, normally bombs you throw out would just land on the bridge and slowly roll over and explode at the base of the enemy’s tower, but there is a unit called the Big Smith with a heavy hammer that can knock these bombs forward, massively increasing their damage potential. You will also have certain types of units that can counter your opponent’s, while the same is true vice versa. For instance, you can unleash firebirds to stop enemy airborne units coming at your tower. Depending on their type, units can either be flung directly at the opposite tower, or they must be placed on the bridge and fight their way over.

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You can also upgrade your units using resources that you obtain while playing to increase their damage and hitpoints. Winning matches will give you eggs, which contain units, gold and other items. There is also a single player mode where you move across the map and battle enemies of increasing difficulties.

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Badland has won multiple awards since its release in 2013. Its sequel, which came out in 2016, also receive a lot of praise. With that in mind, Badland Brawl looks quite promising, even though it is only the first strategy-PvP Frogmind has made. If this title does well, it could be an avenue for Frogmind to get into other genres. As of now, the only game from Frogmind beside Badland is Rumble Stars Soccer, a fantasy soccer game on Android and iOS.

You can get Badland Brawl for free on the Play Store. The game already had a soft launch a few months before, but now it is available to anyone on Android.